Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Madness.....

Claire and I took a quick trip to Jackson, MS for a cousins wedding! Had a great trip, but Claire lost her steam after her bout with the flu.....all better now!

Yes I did take my daughter to her first concert...and Bon Jovi no less!!!! I'm not sure whether Claire enjoyed Bon Jovi more, or her momma actin a fool at the concert!

Post Bon Jovi......

 The week before spring break Jesse was inducted in the the National Math and English Honor Societies as a Sophomore! Proud of this boy!
And yes, he was working those pink pants.....Go Jesse Go!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

This and that......

Claire getting ready for Mardi Gras parade at her school.  She was told to make a desert board and we love her choice of play on words!

Claire's sweet basketball coach at her end of the season basketball party!  Go Timberwolves!

Claire being a big girl ....

Jesse working the SFA Scholastic Book Fair.  He loved checking out all those kiddos!

All This in the same week????

Well, my mom always said God only gives you what you can handle....I think God must have thought Lance and I were super heroes last week....but in the end, we made it just fine.  It was the most trying week of our 20 years together, but we did it.  Bring it on!

To make a very very long story short, Claire was to have had an outpatient test last Tuesday at Baptist Hospital Children's Wing.  She reacted badly to the final medication in the test and we had a scary time for a while.  She was placed in ICU til the next afternoon and was a complete champ about it all!  All the while, we had our brand new water heater blow a leak and decide to flood our attic and made it rain downstairs. It's now repaired! The next day, our garage door decided to buckle on us and a new one is one the way.....  when it rains it pours!

Our amazing little champ in her first and hopefully only hospital visit!

Thanks to everyone for all the calls and food and prayers!  We needed it all! We love you all!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Basketball and Cheer Comes to a Close

 Claire's Basketball season comes to a close this week.....She is by far the tiniest on the team, but boy is she mighty.  She hustles and fights for every ball.  Not intimidated by the size of some of these big girls.  We are proud of Claire!
 She also does Winter Cheer and cheered her last game yesterday.  While she had a blast with this as well, we are all glad for a break!!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

 Boy have we been a  busy bunch these last few days!On Christmas Eve night, the kids opened their gifts from their grandma and grandpa!
Grandpa sporting a rarely seen beard....

Grandma opening her loot!

A few days prior, Claire got to help play Santa at The Hydrick Christmas!

Lance loving the goods!
 A very early Christmas Morning....Claire was tickled to see her first Vera Bradley set of crossbody bag, wallet, change purse, headands, and notepad.....She felt like a "big girl"....Claire was so excited to see her Lego Friends sets, and her first circuit board.  She's been learning about circuits in STEM, and was thrilled to see one for her!
Jesse's gifts get smaller and smaller, but more expensive.  Jesse loved his first person drone, golf club, and finally got  a 3 D Printer!  He has been learning CAD and can't wait to design!

 Santa brought Claire a little tent for her room and blinged out the interior with rose shaped lights.  Claire spent all day in that tent with her Legos......
 Sneaking a peek of some new shades....

We traveled to Jackson for The Hollingsworth and Hare Christmases as well!  This is all the cousins (and Patrick's girlfriend) after they completed their craft.  Fun time was had by all!!

Gracie, Claire, and I getting our Raglan on!

Thursday night we all went to a Tiger Basketball game, but stopped by The Peabody first to gawk at the amazing Christmas decor....truly beautiful!

Too tired for words.......

On Christmas Eve Day at The Hare Family Christmas.  All of the Hollingsworths in one place!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


  Well, the broadway touring Annie came to the Orpheum Thursday night, so mom, Claire, & I bundled up and had ourselves a blast!  That was my favorite movie growing up, and now Claire is obsessed with it as well!  We sang along and just loved every minute!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Has Arrived!

We look forward so much to our annual Nutcracker date!  We had a blast and enjoyed our seats!

Claire checking our the pit....she loved seeing them and the conductor during the performance

Claire gets to choose the dinner each year, and this year she chose Pei Wei in Midtown!  We had a great meal!
 Wouldn't be Christmas without Breakfast with Santa at church!
Claire and I getting our Jingle On!