Friday, March 16, 2018

Discovering Discovery Park of America!

 Well, I drove Claire and her friend Aniston to Union City Wednesday for a day trip to Union City and the girls had a blast! It was a chilly sunny day, and they just went and went through that museum!  They just soaked it all up! Loved spending the day with these 2 sweet girls!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wicked Fun with the Family!!!

We went to Wicked and were fortunate enough to get a backstage tour by Glenda (aka Ginna Claire, who is cousins with our friends the Websters). Claire hanging with Oz and Glenda!
A currently not green Ephelba and Glenda having fun backstage

 Taking Wicked selfies onstage with Jesse.

 Julie Kate and I  ready to get our Wicked on!
 Picture Time!
 Yes, I did drag Lance and Jesse to the theater...

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Jesse gets a prom date......

Well, Jesse asked his new girlfriend Emily to the prom yesterday,and she of course said yes.  But his creativity cracks me up.  So after her tennis practice at SBA Monday, he walks up to the court with this shirt and sign and asked.  I thought the entire tennis theme was a hoot.  Apparently Lance didn't find it nearly as amusing as Jesse and I did!

Happy 11th Adoption Day Claire!!

Well, Monday we celebrated Claire's 11th Adoption Day!  We thank God every day for bringing this amazing blessing into our lives.  Who knew we'd have a little introverted, cheerleading, golf playing, craft loving, fashionista!!!! But boy we are glad we do!  Because the day fell on a Monday, which happen to be stuffed with homework and studying, we celebrated a little over the weekend, and with her favorite meals on Monday and she brought in warm Krispy Creme to her Religion Class.  Hard to believe it's been 11 years. We love you so much Claire Song!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Uncle Pat's Celebration of Life

 Well, we made a trip to Murfreesboro for my Uncle Pat's Celebration of Life Celebration on Saturday. My Sweet Uncle Pat passed away last month.  He was my mom's brother and married to my dad's sister.  That makes him extra special! So, we were fortunate to have both sides of my family at this celebration.....The rain held off and was held at a historic Civil War mansion that Uncle Pat loved, since he was a Civil War buff.....

Lance and Gretchen's Dad in front of the Civil War Mansion
Sweet Aunt Linda, Pat's wife.....who had just celebrated their 50 year Wedding Anniversary!

 My double-first cousin, and Pat's oldest son, Jack.

This sweet trooper holds a special place in my heart!  Cousin Annabelle

Gotta love my wacky family!

Jesse with Uncle Johnny, who he had not seen in 2 years!

Was so nice to have all the family under one roof, if only for a few hours, it was wonderful.  The place was decorated beautifully with all things pat...scrabble pieces, crossword puzzles, antiqe pipes, and we just loved looking at it all.  Just a wonderful celebration, we are so missing Uncle Pat.....

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fabulous February

Well, Jesse took his sweet friend Emily to the SBA Winterfest Formal on Saturday.  They looked so sweet in their matching red!

Claire modeling her Nike Greek Goddess project that she made and sewed all by herself!  So glad I have another crafty person in this household!!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Feb Fun Times!

Well I was at it again with the wreath....I thought this funny one was perfect for the garage entrance to our home....we are the main ones who see it!  I think it makes me smile!!

Claire and some of her 6th grade buddies at the Father/Daughter taking a breather from dancing!!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

February Fun!!!!

Well, we kicked off February with the Winter Wonderland Father/Daughter Dance last night at St. Francis School.  Claire is a 6th grader now, and this was her 7th Dance with Lance....and they still had a ball!  I hope she's got one more dance left in her!!

 Me and peeps working the front gate.  I love these girls!!

 Claire took this pic last week at sunrise after getting the morning paper....God is good!
Claire and her sweet friend Ellie at a birthday party....and yes they still carry Claire around sometimes likes she's 4.....and she loves it!