Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fabulous February

Well, Jesse took his sweet friend Emily to the SBA Winterfest Formal on Saturday.  They looked so sweet in their matching red!

Claire modeling her Nike Greek Goddess project that she made and sewed all by herself!  So glad I have another crafty person in this household!!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Feb Fun Times!

Well I was at it again with the wreath....I thought this funny one was perfect for the garage entrance to our home....we are the main ones who see it!  I think it makes me smile!!

Claire and some of her 6th grade buddies at the Father/Daughter taking a breather from dancing!!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

February Fun!!!!

Well, we kicked off February with the Winter Wonderland Father/Daughter Dance last night at St. Francis School.  Claire is a 6th grader now, and this was her 7th Dance with Lance....and they still had a ball!  I hope she's got one more dance left in her!!

 Me and peeps working the front gate.  I love these girls!!

 Claire took this pic last week at sunrise after getting the morning paper....God is good!
Claire and her sweet friend Ellie at a birthday party....and yes they still carry Claire around sometimes likes she's 4.....and she loves it!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January Fun!

Yes, I totally copied this from Pinterest....

Jesse had a trip of a lifetime in DC with SBA and some chaperones as the participated in the Pro-Life March/Rally/Mass.  He had a blast and slept for an entire day when he returned!  He said the trip strengthened his faith.....that's what I want to hear!

And Memphis had some snow and ice last week and Claire bundled up and had herself a blast!  She loved the 4 days out of school!!!  So glad it's warmed up around here.....back to school they go!!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Ending out 2017!

I don't know where this boy comes from, but I'll take him! I send him down the road to our recycling center to drop off a ton of recycling, but he returns with a 20 pound video movie recorder from 1981. HE was more excited than he was on Christmas Day and said "Mom I found an actual relic!".  He is excited to take that monstrosity apart and see what he finds......

Well, for the first time ever, the Tigers played in the actual Liberty Bowl so we got to stay put for this years bowl game.  Sadly, we lost a heartbreaker by one point, but love seeing the stadium filled to capacity!  It was freezing, so we layered up something fierce!!!

Ms Claire got 5 inches cut off (tangle drama) and the new hairdresser she saw asked if she could try to curl it.  Claire said curls never stay in my hair....the lady said I can do it!  So for 2 full days Claire had some cute loose curls!  I need to learn that lady's trick!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I was so busy on Christmas Day, that I didn't get around to posting....but I hope your day was filled with little blessings...I know mine was.  I decided this year to actually take a few pics of my home decorated at Christmas...I always forget to do that!

 Claire asked for 3 things this year only.....Kendra Scott necklace, kindle paperwhite, and gel pens.  I'm glad to say Santa delivered!She got the most adorable Panda Driver cover for her golf driver.  It's hilarious!
Jesse, will be attending his first ever Pro-Life march in January in DC, and he received a new coat and warm accessorites to match!  Jesse received a new phone, some custom golf balls, new NB shoes, and a Pi Kit to build a computer (???) He was all smiles!

Excited to come downstairs!

 Jesse and Claire playing Santa at Gretchen's parents house on Christmas Eve...they will do Christmas with the Hollingsworth side next week!
Little Santa and Lance!  Merry Christmas!!  Thank you Lord for bringing us your only Son!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Spirit Abound

Well, we gathered last night for a fun evening of Christmas cheer with our friends The Websters....We started out at The Rendezvouz, and ended with warm drinks and treats at The Peabody.  We people watched for 2 hours and within that 2 hours we saw a couple get engaged, the Memphis Tiger basketball team, and Ms Tenneessee!

Patiently awaiting treats!

and yes, the night ended with my car in a boot.  There was a mishap with Lance when he paid on the little machine, and this is where our evening ended...but we smiled about it and made light of the situation!  

That gingerbread house smelled so good!

We love St. Vincent de Paul!

Merry Christmas!!!