Monday, May 28, 2007

Claire's 1st time in the pool!

The Schiller's had a Memorial Day Weekend Party at their house yesterday & Claire got in the water for the first time. Is was very cold, so she didn't stay in long, but she had a blast!! Uncle Tommy went in with her. It was too cold for mom & dad!
Jesse & Peyton playing inthe ice cold water.

Our day at the zoo......

The new butterfly exhibit was wonderful, & Jesse had butterflies everywhere he walked!
Claire going in for another touching yet....
Jesse & Claire in the petting zoo at a lovely Lily Garden. Claire was pretty exhausted at this point!

Jesse Graduates!

Jesse graduated from Kindergarten Thursday & is ready for 1st grade.....after a bit of a summer break though! He had several speaking parts & sand lots of songs. It was so cute!!! Claire was in the audience & sang & clapped along with the kids!
Jesse with his Grandma & Nana & PawPaw & Claire after the program.
On Jesse's 1st day of summer vacation, he wanted to go to the zoo, so that's where we went. It was also Claire's 1st time at the zoo & she loved it!!
Claire thoroughly enjoying the butterfly exhibit. She watched so intently as Jesse would hold the different types of butterflies!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day.....

Well, Lance's computer crashed last week & we lost most of our pictures......China included. However, thanks to Lance's computer prowess, we have everything now except for a large portion of 2006. But, between grandparents & family members, I think we'll be OK. I'm back to posting now & should have lots of posts coming up!!

We are doing great with TBall in full swing & Jesse graduating from kindergarten next week! Claire is doing great & doing something new each day! She eats like a horse! She loves her new riding toy but doesn't know how to make it move quite yet!
Claire, we have found, absolutely loves her new baby pool from Nana & PawPaw & splashes like crazy. She loves this plastic bottle & keeps pouring it on the grass over & over again.....Something tells me she's going to love the beach in just 3 weeks!!
Happy with big brother Jesse. Jesse wished there was more water in the pool, but had fun nonetheless....
Jesse & Coach Lance at last week's game. Just waiting for the umpire to say "Play Ball"!
Another wonderful moment. Claire doesn't look so happy, but that's only because she wasn't splashing!
I promise to post in just a few days!
Love, Gretchen

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our evening routine...

While Jesse takes his shower each evening, Claire gets her bath. Afterwards, he sits in her room with her & plays with her, all while she's "brushing her teeth". Actually, I think the toothbrush feels good to her gums, but good habit to start now, don't ya think?
Jesse has become the best big brother & really enjoys helping out with Claire & playing with her while I clean up the kitchen & house before bedtime. Such a good boy...he can't wait til summer vacation!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!!!

Claire celebrated her 1st birthday this weekend surrounded by a house full of family & friends! She enjoyed every minute of it! She enjoyed her polka dotted cakes & had her first taste of sugar!!

Claire getting a birthday kiss from big brother Jesse!
Can you tell Claire loves cake???
As usual with kids, Claire enjoyed the paper & bows as much as the gfts. Thanks for the gifts everyone!! We are so greatful to have so many wonderful friends & family close to celebrate Claire's special day with us!!
We love you all!
I'll post again soon, as we are all much better around here in the Hollingsworth household.....