Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Gracie comes to visit.....and her parents too!

Well, Lance's sister Jenny and her family are here for a visit while in town for job interviews. We've had the pleasure of them staying in our home.....the kids are loving having a baby in the house! She just smiles, sleeps, and eats!

Here's Gracie having her 1st little taste of BarBQ sauce......her mom wasn't sooo sure about it though.!
Cousin Keri has been around a lot this summer and we've loved every minute of it! Here's Jenny and Keri at The BarBQ Shop.

Gracie dancing a the dress!!!

Jesse after a good meal and full tummy!

Claire after a very good and messy meal....and also a full tummy!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy July!

Well, July has been a blast so far with lots of fun events going on in the Hollingsworth Home! We had or 2nd Annual Sto/Ho Firesworks Extravaganza at our home with our good friends.....I must say, the fireworks were much better this year!! Great company made for a super fun evening!
The kids bleached out all the shells they found on the beach and arranged them all in a vase that now is our table centerpiece!

Jesse & I went to our 1st horse show. Jesse's good friend and neighbor participated and did a great job!!! Good work Nina!

Last night we went to a redbirds game that was followed by a great fireworks display! We brought along Keri, Patrick, and Mr. Hollingsworth. Great time ad yummy treats were had by all!!