Thursday, February 15, 2007

We Finally Have an Itenerary!!!

Hi everyone! We now have a rough itenerary of what we're doing & when on our trip!
Here it goes:

3/1 Leave Memphis to Chicago. Chicago to Bejing.
3/2 Arrive in Bejing 4pm (China time) Holiday Inn Central Hotel Bai Zhi Fang area in the Xuan Wu District
3/3 Hutong Tour & Tea Time Bejing craft shop. Acrobatics show in evening.
3/4 Great Wall of China & lunch outside.Leave for Changsha (where Claire is!!) & stay at the Dolton Hotel
3/5 Get Claire!!!! (at civil affairs office)
3/6 Go for adoption formalities
3/7 Hunan Provincial Museum & Embroidery Institute
3/8 Yuelu Mountain & Yuelu Academy. Pick up Notary books
3/9 Pick up Claire's passport & fly to Guangzhou. Stay at the White Swan Hotel
3/10 Claire's Mdical Exam. Go to Baiyan Temple & Jade Factory Shop
3/11 Go to Church & go to Pottery Building & Guangzhou Zoo
3/12 Consulate Appointment
3/13 Get Claire's Visa
3/14 Fly back to Bejing & then directly to Chicago. Arrive in Memphis 10pm!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Leave March 1st!

Hi everyone. We just found out that we leave Thursday March 1st & will come home late on Wednesday, March 14th. We fly from Memphis to Chicago, then directly to Beijing. We will do the same on the way home. I will post the exacts of our itenerary as soon as I get them! We are less than 1 month away! Claire's room has blown up! I somehow have to get all this in a suitcase! ARGGGGG......... Thanks for all your calls, e-mails, & prayers! We will post new info soon!