Monday, July 24, 2017

Golf, golf, golf, and staying cool!

 Well, Claire's been taking clinics and practicing her swing for 2 months now, so yesterday Lance & I took her to play her first legit 9 was 96 outside but we had a blast!
 Claire in her golf camp having a putting competition
 Lance won closet to the hole at D'Angelo and Marcus' Celeb Golf Tourney last would have thought he'd won the Heisman.....
Friends pools make for great places to visit when it's 100 degrees!!!

 Jesse finished out the Sneds Tour Season with his buddy Layton.  Time for some SBA Golf now!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Day 6.....Last day of the Grand Canyon!

Well day two started with a great breakfast at the wonderful Maswik Lodge and then we set out to hit all the lookout points we could.....and boy they did not disappoint!

This one they loved because the lookout had a little trail they could go on for a while and get some great pics on the way....

Every site was just jaw dropping....we just couldn't get enough! We saw Elk, California Condors, and mules.  God's Creation was magnificent......

Well, after Grand Canyon we traveled back to Vegas and left the next morning on an early flight back to Memphis...we had a magnificent trip and are so glad we mixed things up this year.  So grateful to Lance for providing for us so that we could make the trip!  Great memories for a lifetime!  We miss you Grand Canyon!

Copy and paste for more Jesse Grand Canyon videos...once again...all Jesse (music not my fave....)

Day 5....Grand Canyon Here We Come!!!!

Well we rented a little Mustang convertible and drove the 4 1/2 hours to the Grand Canyon!  Because it was 115 degrees, we decided NOT to drop the top until we got the the much higher and much cooler Grand Canyon.  The drive was really neat because the landscape changed soooo much in the 4 hours.  It started as desert and ended as lush as a National Forest can be! It was 85 degrees by the time we got to the National Park.....

We were crammed in the backseat with luggage and Claire was a champ and fell asleep just like this!

Not sure how I ended up in the back, but Jesse has the longer legs so I think he won!  He loved every minute of it!

And once the top came did Claire!

Our first glimpse...and what a great one it was!

We couldn't get enough of all the different vistas at all the different lookout points....

The kids really loved it when they started getting a glimpse of the Colorado River!

16 years since our last visit to the Grand Canyon!

Loving our Adventure to the West!!!
Copy and paste the link below to see a little link fo our drive to the canyon...all Jesse of course...

Here Comes Day 5!!

Well, for part of Day 5 we divided and conquered...boys and girls...the boys trekked to the Shelby Car Museum, and we went to Mandalay Bay in their Shark Reef, and it did not disappoint! Claire has had this on her radar for a long time...we bought tickets months ago, and just had a blast.  We stayed in there for hours.  Claire was telling complete strangers about the sharks..thanks 5th grade science class!

She loved the rays as much as the sharks I think!

 Claire the giant....

I'm sorry....I just came across this shirt and it just made me smile....I totally want to copy it when I have time....So darned funny!!!

Our mode or transportation for some of the trip...Mass Transit!

Enjoying a costly but yummy Luxor buffet!!!
So we ended the day with a family friendly Comedy/Magic Show by Nathan Burton.  The kids had seen him on TV before and loved him, so when we found out he was in Vegas, we jumped at the chance! He also came into the crowd and picked Claire for a trick!  I was scared she was going to refuse but she did it!We weren't allowed to video, but she had a little toy bunny in her hand and he kept making more and more the time the trick was over there 10 bunnies! She had no idea how that happened, but the trick was adorable!

Claire and Nathan Burton after the show!  A great time was had by all!

Top Golf and Tournament of Kings! Day 4!

Well, for months Lance and Jesse have been planning this trip to Top Golf Las Vegas since we don't have one in Memphis. Jesse was as amped up as I have ever seen him!  We went at 10 am so we didn't melt and Claire, Lance, and Jesse had themselves a blast! I observed, clapped,  drank water constantly, and took pics!

The 3 after they were done...really wishing we had one in Memphis!

After golf, we took the kids to the Venetian to see the canals and shops....and to get a little reprieve from the 115 day....

That evening the kids had their first Tournament of Kings experience....Lance & I have done it before, but the kids just enjoyed it to pieces....Jesse didn't know what he liked more...eating with his hands or the jousting!

Caesar's Palace, which did not disappoint

Winding up a really wonderful and long day.....