Monday, August 29, 2011

Claire and the Small Fry Tri

 Well, Claire competed in her second Bartlett Small Fry Tri this weekend and did great.  Poor Claire was tripped a bit at the start of the run portion, but made up for some lost time in the bike and run through the sprinkler portion.  That girl laughed the entire race! She had a blast and want to do the big kid one next year....we'll see about that. one.....

Claire getting her little medal.  Way to go little Claire!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Claire's First Soccer Game!

 Well, Claire was so excited about her first game she could hardly stand it!  Aunt Cathie came to watch, along with Nana, PawPaw, Keri, Jenny, and Gracie.  She had a blast running after that ball and getting hold of it.  She had a blast and giggled all the way through....She looks forward to her next game, which will be Monday!
 Go Claire go!

 The Blue Team warming up before the game.....

Striking a pose with Aunt Cathie and Jesse right before the game.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Backyard Mayhem

 Well, anyone who has ever been to our home knows we have had our share of issues with the backyard....tress, trees, trees!  As much as we loved our trees, they have caused 10 years of strife in our lives....We have laid sod 3 times.....counte em...3. We have dealt with huge limbs falling through our roof, and much more....   After much contemplation, we decided to get rid of 10 of our 16 trees....with the advice of a couple of pros along the way.  So, we are in the beginning phases of our backyard redo!  So, I thought I'd document this journey!  So yesterday the trees were removed with no problems!  They kids got home from school and just watched until dinnertime, as the men did their thing.

This morning, all the stumps were ground, and today, all the debris will be remove, fence put back up, and then it will be time to get some grass!! I'll do my best documenting all this as it occurs......for me as much as anyone else!  Enjoy the crazy journey........

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School here we come!

 Well, the children were off to a brand new school this year, with Jesse entering 5th grade, and Claire beginning Kindergarten.  They are both going to love their teachers and school as well.  I must admit they were both a bit apprehensive this morning, but as they stepped into their classrooms, they were just fine!  We are so blessed to have Lance take care of us so that the kids can make this change to a great new school...a new beginning for all of us.  This also marked an important milestone for me.....the first time to be home without a child!  Im pretty sure I will have no trouble filling my time!

 Due to it being a little earlier that we're accustomed, the pictures and the people in them are a little fuzzy.......

 The kids before entering school!
 Claire getting a tour of her classroom by one of her 2 teachers. She was loving her little tour of them!

 Claire meeting all her new friends and being showed to her seat at the table.....just perfect Claire size!
Lots more coming soon!

Love, Gretchen

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Celebrating the last few days of summer!!!

Well, Claire wanted to do something super special on one of her last days before starting kindergarten.  So, she and Lily went to Sweet & Sassy for haircuts, and a pedicure!  I think the mommys had as much fun as the girls!  They had a great time and Claire loves her watermelon smelling hair and sparkles.  She's also rocking a super bright hue of blue on her toenails!  Well, enjoy the photos!

After the hair salon, the girls went to The Grapevine in Arlington, where we all enjoyed our first high-tea experience.  It was a blast! The teapot made music everytime you poured from it...the girls loved that feature! There were lovely litte sandwhiches, cheddar cheese biscuits, scones, chocolate covered strawberries, and cherry purses for desert....and of course...tea!  It was just perfect!

 Claire thoroughly enjoying the pampering!
 You can see that blue coming from a mile away!
 Moms and daughters after getting all fancy!

 Sitting down to tea.....

If one has an aversion to flowers and doilies...this is NOT the place for you!

While we were getting all girly, Jesse was spending some one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa today, before heading off to 5th grade!  Well, big week next week, so lots coming!

Love, Gretchen