Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Kitchen is Done!!!!

Just a few pics of what the kitchen looked like 3 weeks ago.......

And now.........

After 3 weekends, we are done! I still have some decorating to do, but I'm going to have to ask Santa for a for items (fabric covered magnet board, white glass cake stands, etc....), so I need to be patient! I'm thrilled how much we did on our own and love my newfound counterspace and just cleaner look of it all. It looks so cheery in here during the day with the sun streaming in through the kitchen and hearth room windows.
Next project to come in the Spring.....the backyard! I've got to get in the right frame of mind to tackle that job!

Lots to do in November!!!!

Well, we've been busy and sick around the Holingsworth Household, but are all now on the mend and ready to blog about our goings on!!

Jesse was ball boy this weekend for the Lady Tigers at the Forum and had a great time on the floor with the players. He stayed for the men's game and had a great time with dad! Claire and mom stayed home and recuperated!

This week we also had the privelage of celebrating Lance's 38th Birthday! He wasn't too happy about it, but still had a great dinner at The Bar B Q Shop and cake and presents afterwards! We love you Lance!

I tried to make an "old school" Bday cake like when Lance was young with all those yummy candies on top!

Well, in between all this, we have managed to finish the kitchen redo!!! Lance spent all last weeking cutting tile and grouting it.....he worked so hard and it looks fantastic! Thank you Lance!!!
Here is Lance putting everything up with the spacers....Quite time consuming when you've never done it before......(note to self...NEVER attempt this again)

Before grouting........

I've also had a time to complete a few outfits for the holidays. Here is a applique pumpkin with matching pants for Claire on Thanksgiving.
Well, stayed tuned for the final pics of the kitchen redo!!!
Love, Gretchen

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween and Remodel Update!

Happy Halloween!! The kids had a blast and got lots of loot! Mom and dad had to confiscate some of it (yumyum) but there was still a ton for Jesse & Claire to enjoy for a long while!
The kids ready for me to stop photographing and ready to start pounding on some doors!

Well, despite the busy weekend, Lance got a lot accomplished in the kitchen! He finished the uplighting and underlighting of the cabinets. He also finished glazing the inlays of the cabinets! All that's left is the subway tile backsplash.....which will hopefully come next weekend...we'll see! Then all that will be left to do is decorate it! Can't wait for that part I confess. Lots to post soon!!

Love, Gretch