Sunday, November 16, 2014

November Happenings!!

Well, lots has been happening in November! SFA students performed "Blackbeard" the play and on Friday all the students dressed like pirates....well at least Claire did!  Jesse is way to cool for that stuff now!
 Jesse growing leaps and bounds!
 Lance celebrated his birthday Monday with his favorite cake and dinner!  Hard to believe how time just passes so quickly!

Claire and the 3rd grade class went to see "Schoolhouse Rock" at the Orpheum and she was lucky enough to sit in the front row....had a blast!  Even I was singing along from those songs from when I was a girl in elementary school!
 Lance and I fancied up for a big wedding this past very cold weekend.  Had a blast! This was the after pic...a little worn for wear by this point....

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Fall, Halloween, and Other Stuff!

 Well, October comes with the end of soccer and golf, sadly.  Lance and I really had gotten used to all those games and matches!  Well, time for a break now!  Here is Claire with her soccer coach at the last practice of the season!
 Here is Jesse and the rest of the golf team at their end of the season banquet.  They had an awesome local golfing legend to give a little talk and present them with their trophies.
 Claire, aka 'Granny" at the SBA trunk or treat, with Nana and PawPaw, who decided to come out as well!

 Claire's class Halloween Party goodies!
 This year's craft was Mod-Podging a frame with lots of scraps of Halloween Paper and a cute spooky picture of them was inserted after the fame was dried...super fun!
 Granny at the Tiger Game.  Weirdly enough, the Tigers played a home game on Halloween night and we were torn with what to do. Turns out, the entire Tiger Lane turned into a big trick or treating fest!  The kids got just as much loot as if we had been in our own neighborhood!  We all had a blast, and the Tigers's a win-win! 
 Our warm view from the box.
 Jesse's costume.....he was a glow stick man....his idea

Well, we hope everyone had a great Halloween and lots coming up soon, so promise to post again shortly!!!!

Love, Gretchen