Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lots of accomplishments in May!

Well, sweet Claire finished up Preschool with a little program for parents and family and it was so sweet! Here's Claire with her little certificate!

Claire at her end of the year school carnival...she loved all the games and competition....

Claire and Lily after having their face painted.

Claire holding the largest bowling ball I've ever seen....

On to Jesse....Jesse received 3 special end of the awards......perfect attendance, honor roll, and citizenship....that one we are especially proud of. Way to go Jesse!

Jesse's principal giving him his awards.

Lots going on, so I promise to post again soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Done with Preschool

Well, I have lots to post, and will do so very soon....but for now a little glimpse of Claire entering her Preschool End of the Year Program. How time has flown! Claire did great and had a blast with all her friends and teachers! Lots more coming soon!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Crazy Party Day!!!

Well, Claires Big #5 Birthday Party was today at our local bowling alley for cosmic bowling.....and let me tell was crazy but a ton of fun!
Due to how dark the bowling alley was, we had a hard time taking many pics. We do have some video, which I hope to post here soon!! Claire and all her friends and family did have a great time.....lots of cupcakes and cake to be had by all! Thanks to all our great family and friends for being part of our lives!!!
Claire eating the first piece of cake!!
Jesse, Peyton, and Li Mei enjoying pizza time!
Mommy & Claire before the party got rockin!
Thanks to all for coming and Happy #5 Sweet Claire!!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Oh My..... Look Who's Five!

Well, it happened....our little tiny Claire is 5. Where the time has gone I have no idea, but I certainly savor days like these. Sweet Claire turned five today, surrounded by family for a dinner out, and then cupcakes and presents here afterwards.
She will celebrate with her friends and family this weekend at Bartlett Lanes and have a blast. Claire had a great day filled with crepes, gymnastics, dinner out, and strawberry cupcakes......the perfect day!
We are so blessed to have Claire in our family.......she lights up all those around her....even if it's flooding!
Claire with cousins Gracie and Keri, and of course, big brother Jesse.

Goofing around at dinner...

The entire Family having dinner.....yum!
Happy Birthday Claire!