Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Very Long Post!!!!!

 Well, as we do every year, Claire reunited with Mary Grace, whom we usually go see on the way to the beach ....This year, we took MG home with us on the way back from the beach!  We had her the entire week, and her parents came halfway through the week to see Memphis!  We all had a blast!  Claire and MG had lots of fun and were entertained every step of the way!
 The girls at the Zoo in teh China exhibit...MG loved seeing pandas for the first time!!
 The Hixons loved Jerry's.......the Hollingsworths too!
 We were tourists this week...even forced Lance to Mud Island!!

 Oh yes, we even went to Hard Rock......
 Claire and MG learning not to enter the yard with Jesse without some protection!

 Lego fun at the Children's Museum!
 A disappointed Jesse that they didn't have "fancier" lego parts......

 Rubbing the Budda at the zoo!
 Panda pose.....

 Claire decided her favorite part of Graceland was the cute pink jeep....

 Yes, even I went to Graceland.  We acted like total tourists...and had a ball!
 Ready for their tour!

 Gretch was here!!!
 Even we had not been to this restaurant...and yes it was Happy!
 MG seeing those Peabody Ducks.....who knew the Peabody is packed at 4pm on a Thursday!

 Striking a pose in the lobby of the peabodyP
 MG enjoying the forum!
 Of course Lance took them to the Bar B Q Shop!  Lots of food was had and enjoyed!

 Beale Street color
 Sweet Uncle Tommy served as out guide for the evening downtown!

 Mud Island fun!
We are so blessed to allow Claire some time with one of the few connections she has to her birthplace....and are blessed they are close enough to us to do so!  We hope the girls get together yearly to continue their bond! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ahhhh vacation Time!

 Well, we just returned from our annual Orange Beach Trip and of course, had a blast.  We had perfect weather and the kids just really enjoyed every minute. This year Mr. & Mrs. Hollingsworth joined us, and that was great!  A very relaxing trip!  Claire was in the water or ocean most of the time, and Jesse was obsessed with the metal detector Paw Paw brought for him to use! We also celebrated Father's Day, and lance spent his day on the beach, opening gifts, and a trip to the Waffle House (his idea, not mine!)  On the way home, we went to Montgomery, and picked up Mary Grace, whom Claire was with in China, and she is staying with us for the week!  We are super excited for the girls to bond!

Well, lots and lots coming up, so I promise to post soon......

Monday, June 02, 2014

Jesse getting ready for the upcoming summer golf season.....trying out his new driver he received on Christmas!