Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Minecraft Guy and Little Red Riding Hood!

 Well, Halloween went off without a hitch around here!  Lovely weather and lovely company!  The kids, AKA Steve from Minecraft and Little Red Riding Hood, had a blast!  They were joined this evening by neighbors Ryan and Jillian!  Also joining in this year was May and her friend from school Maggie, who both loved their first American Halloween!

 The gang all ready to head out! Happy Halloween!

Love, Gretchen

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rev Up Your Engines.....

 Rev up your engines....Lance is almost 40!! Lance received his 40th Bday gift today....a 15 lap shootout in a NASCAR at the Millington Motorsports Park.  Because this opportunity doesn't come to town often, he got his birthday gift just a few weeks before the actual day....which he is NOT looking forward to by the way. We did not tell him about this until today, and he was very nervous about where we were taking him! Turns out he was very pleasantly surprised.  On lap 13, his car just stopped after his car made it back around via a little push, he got to ride along with a professional for a bunch of laps and he enjoyed that as well!  And he got a really cool plaque to commemorate the whole thing.  I've got some good video, so I'll try to put that on here a little later.

 Lance before crawling into his little car window.....
 Off he goes!

 Coming to the stop area after his little malfunction.
After the ride and malfunction......

Well, I promise to post again soon!

Love, Gretch

Happy Birthday Lance!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fabulous Fall Break....

 Well, Lance & I decided to take the kids and May to Chattanooga for 2 days for our long Fall Break Weekend.  Everyone had a blast at the aquarium and the drive was a beautiful one!  We are safely back at home now, and so grateful Lance was able to provide such a great mini vacation for us!

Claire was nose to nose with this cute little fish for the longest cute.
 Mom and the kids in front of one of many of the amazing tanks!
 We all know Claire can catch her insects!
 Jesse in front of this huge tank....notice the shark right above Jesse.....
 May with her "American Family", as she calls us!

 Before entering the Ruby Falls.  Claire and May had never been to an underground cave before, and both really enjoyed the experience....Jesse was right in front with the guide and asked questions the entire tour...poor guide!!!

 Goofing out at Pointe Park, a famous Civil Was Landmark and a beautiful vantage point to see all of Chattanooga!!
 Jesse & and his buddy May.
Well, we've got a really big birthday to celebrate right around the corner, so please stay tuned!!

Love, Gretchen

Monday, October 08, 2012

Field Day and Fall Fun!!!

 Well, the kid's school celebrated their Feast Day last week with a day of service, prayer, and friendly competition with Field Day!  Claire had a blast of course, and laughed through every single race....Jesse, however, was more on the serious side and was in it for the win....which they did not.  Well, at the end of the day it was just a blast to watch and a beautiful day to boot!

 Mom and Claire after mom's stint as the tug-of-war volunteer!
 Claire ready to tear it up at the sack race.....
 Jesse, apparently, thinking of his strategy...
 Off he goes!
 May attending one of Claire's soccer games this weekend.
Claire's pigtails appear to be in flight! She did the best she could this weekend....notice the size of some of the girls around her......

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hello October!!

 With October comes cooler temps, leaves turning the most beautiful of colors, and fall sports!  Jesse is in the last year of flag football, and Claire is on the 1st/2nd grade St. Francis Girl's Soccer Team.  Needless to say she is loving it.  Jesse is enjoying football as well.
 Go Claire Go! 
 She literally laughs when she's got the ball she is so excited.
Jesse watching one of Claire's games.

Well, October has gotten off to a bang around here!  I'm finding it very fun and busy to now have 3 kids in the house, but May is proving to be so very responsible and quiet, that sometimes we forget she's around!  She is a studying machine!  Jesse and Claire are doing fine, while Jesse is learning the challenges of being a new middle-schooler.  We just take one day at a time around here these days!!  Lance has a very very big birthday coming up, so we shall see what lies in store for him!!  Lots coming up, so promise to post again soon!

Love, Gretchen