Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fabulous Fall Break....

 Well, Lance & I decided to take the kids and May to Chattanooga for 2 days for our long Fall Break Weekend.  Everyone had a blast at the aquarium and the drive was a beautiful one!  We are safely back at home now, and so grateful Lance was able to provide such a great mini vacation for us!

Claire was nose to nose with this cute little fish for the longest cute.
 Mom and the kids in front of one of many of the amazing tanks!
 We all know Claire can catch her insects!
 Jesse in front of this huge tank....notice the shark right above Jesse.....
 May with her "American Family", as she calls us!

 Before entering the Ruby Falls.  Claire and May had never been to an underground cave before, and both really enjoyed the experience....Jesse was right in front with the guide and asked questions the entire tour...poor guide!!!

 Goofing out at Pointe Park, a famous Civil Was Landmark and a beautiful vantage point to see all of Chattanooga!!
 Jesse & and his buddy May.
Well, we've got a really big birthday to celebrate right around the corner, so please stay tuned!!

Love, Gretchen

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