Friday, February 20, 2015

Brrr..... and Yay!

 It was 12 degrees when we left for school yesterday, and Claire the eskimo was bundled up and ready for school! 
On the same day, Jesse received his acceptance letter to SBA.....too fun!  Can't wait to see what the future hold for this young man!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Very Proud.....

 Jesse was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this morning in a lovely ceremony after mass.  We are proud of his efforts this year, with  his maturity and drive that have evolved so much since last year!  He was joined by both sets of grandparents, and Claire's class even got to stay and watch him as well!  He will wear that pin with pride!! 3 more months and he'll be ready for high school (we hope!!!)

Saturday, February 07, 2015

It's Been Too Long!!!

 Well, I am so so sorry for not having posted since Christmas! We have been sick around here and I'm just now feeling up to catching up!!  Lots going on around here!

 We decided to take a stroll on the Riverwalk on a pretty day and Jesse decided to show off.....
 Ms. Fashionista with her fuzzy sweater and scarf from Aunt Cathie and Uncle Charlie
 Jesse at The Zoo ice skating.....worked up a sweat
 Claire in her red in honor of seeing the movie Annie with Grandma and Mom!
 Jesse doing what he loves....putting stuff together!
 Claire asked for a few sewing lessons over Christmas break, and it turns out, Claire loves sewing and seems to have a knack for it!  She insisted on wearing reading glasses (with no lenses) and those are now her "sewing glasses"!  I had her make pillow after pillow, and now that she's mastered that, she is moving on to skirts....will post on that soon!

 With our friends The Wadovicks skating at the zoo over Christmas Break
 Claire's first 3 pillows. ....
 Jesse after receiving his Principal Honor Roll Certificate....way to go straight A Jesse!
 Claire and mom chaperoning the New Years Dance for 4th and 5th Graders....Claire took up money and had a blast doing it!
 On of my Etsy copycat crafts......
 Aunt Gretchen and Gracie having lunch with the 4K class!!  Had a blast!
 We took a 4 day trip to Miami for a big conference and I got to tag along!
 Enjoying the view in between meetings!
 Luckily, my best friend Margaret lives in Hollywood, Fla. right near where we had the conference, so we got the pleasure of hanging out with her and her husband Joe during the trip!  Had a blast and was treated to lots of great food!
 Claire after invading my closet.....
 My first painting ever from a girls' night out at Pinot's Pallette!  Had a blast!
 Claire showing off her Valentines that she will give out next week in class.....popcorn is underneath the cards.
 Baking it up with mom!
Claire's most recent pillow made for her brother.....

Well, lots going on soon, so I promise to post again soon!!

Love, Gretchen