Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goofing Around In September!

 Well, first I must say sorry for not posting until now!The kids have been busy with school and activities.....Well, the UofM Football Season has begun and we were tickled to have been in D'Angelo Williams' and Marcus'  suite at the Libery Bowl for the first home game.  Not only did the Tigers win, but Jesse got to meet one of his favorite Tigers, D'Angelo, who is a RB for the Panthers.  Great fun was had, and hope the Tigers keep on winning!
 I just had to post this pic of this little hummer, who has been perched outside the kitchen window all summer.  This cute little thing has been protecting her feeder all summer...a bit territorial I must say.....
 Claire goofing off before her first day of 3rd grade!!
 Claire and Ivy, but with crazy hair on this particular day. Claire loves that doll!
My mother and brother celebrated their birthdays jointly this year at a new restaurant on Overton Square called Babalu...complete with flaming birthday candles.  Great food and fun was had!!!  Love those two!

Well, Claire and Jesse are full into soccer and golf seasons, so I promise to post pics on that soon!Love, Gretchen