Saturday, October 18, 2014

Golf, Golf, Golf.....

 Well, the golf season came to a close Wednesday with the big PAA end of the season tourney at Mirimichi.  All the Parochial Schools participated and SFA came in first!  Jesse and his team did fantastic, and all their hard work throughout the season paid off. Jesse wishes he had scored a bit better, but he helped his team and they had a blast in the meantime!  The most important part is that Jesse has truly found something that he loves and wants to continue and improve upon..and that makes me happy!  
 Jesse's Coach giving him last minute advice.....
Final scores from Wednesday's Tourney

A very happy Jesse and a very happy team!  Lots coming promise to post again soon!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Golf Golf Golf.....

 Well, Jesse's SFA Team Golf is in full swing (pardon the pun) and actually almost done for the season.  The boys have had a terrific season, and are undefeated!  Next week is the big all school tourney at Mirimichi, so that should be lots of fun.  Jesse's golf game has grown leaps and bounds, and he is just loving it!
 The 7th/8th Grade Team

Will post pics from the tourney next week....lots coming up soon!!!

Monday, October 06, 2014

DC Weekend

 Well, Lance and I took a well-deserved weekend trip to DC...childless I might add, and had a blast!!!  The kids were being spoiled by the grandparents, so it made it quite easy to leave knowing how well taken care of they were!  We went for a solid 2 days and are tired to the bone...but we had a blast and the weather was just perfect!!!

 Love the clouds rolling in as lance is walking to see the capital for the first time....
 I do not do  "selfies" very well!
 Yes please! Every girl needs a hope diamond....
 And a pair of ruby red slippers....these are the real ones of course!!!
 I was persuaded to jump by my friends when they found out I was traveling to DC, but Lance decided he didn't want to be a single I just looked. No jumping this trip!

 Our great state at the WWII amazing site to see!
 Little Lance...Big Abe
 One of the amazing sculptures at the Korean War Memorial
Yes this is how we got around all day Sunday!

Well, we just saw so much and took so many pictures that these few don't do it justice...but I will post again with soon more beautiful shots form our nation's capital!!!