Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Baby is 7!

 We really are having trouble believing Claire turns 7 this week!  She celebrated her Birthday this weekend surrounded by family and friends ay CROSSFIRE Commandos.  The kids had an absolute blast, and were all exhausted when it was over....that makes for happy parents!
 Claire picked out the fabric and cupcake for her birthday outfit and was perfect for all the running and jumping she did!
 Mommy and Claire before heading out for the big party!
 Claire listening to the rules before beginning the party!
 She was the first one harnessed but all the kids were so excited and not quite sure what to expect!
 Everyone being so patient at their turn on the mega trampoline!
 Claire with buddy Conor in tow.
 The kids loved running and flying into that pit!
 At this point Jesse realizing he might be getting a bit old for this.....
 the  12 year old cousins still having a great time!
 The kids doing some sort of mission in the pit......
 All ready for the zip line!
 Claire specifically requested cookie cakes this year....I think everyone enjoyed the change....I have to say, I did still make 2 dozen cupcakes just in case.....they were eaten too!!

 Claire's sweet sweet friends!
This is our very tired little girl at the end of her party....She said she didn't think she had any smiles left!  We are so greatful for so many friends and family who came to wish Claire a very Happy #7!!  We love you all!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bring On Spring!!!

 One of my most favorite times of year is Spring!  No humidity, lots of fun things to do outside, and school is almost out!!
 We noticed Thursday that our front door wreath is now home to some adorable little finches ( I believe that's what they are)  I hope they stay around for a while.  We check the nest every morning hoping to find some little eggs!
 Claire picked out the fabric for a little outfit she wants to wear on her Birthday!  So fun!
 Claire had the opportunity to take a horseback riding lesson out in Eads, TN and it was the most beautiful place!  Claire was given this adorable little pony, Lego, to ride!  I think they made a perfect match!  Gretchen got to ride and take care of Callie!

 Claire leading her horse to the riding area.
 Gretchen riding around while Claire took her lesson.

 By mid lesson, Claire had the hang of it and was turning and stopping Lego with no problems.
Claire leading Lego back into the stable to clean him off and brush him down.  Claire loved every minute of her lesson!

We have a ton going on over the next few weeks, so I promise to post again real soon!

Love, Gretchen

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring Picture Day

 Let me start by saying that the mornings around our house are not pleasant.  More like "The Witching Hour" actually.  The fact that I was able to get these pictures snapped before they were picked up by carpool is a miracle in itself.  Nonetheless, the kids looked dapper in their Sunday clothes!  Let's just say they did not look the same at 3pm today! Claire was missing a headband and a sweater, and Jesses's shirt was untucked and had grass markings on his pants...Hope those pics were taken first thing in the am!!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Preteen!!!

 It is truly hard to believe Jesse is now a 12 year old young man! I'm really having trouble wrapping my brain around this one because I can remember clearly my own 12th Birthday!  He is just growing up so very fast!  We celebrated with family yesterday out to dinner and then afterwards here with cupcakes, ice cream, and presents!

 Jesse's Birthday breakfast before heading to Claire's game and then Taekwando!

 And of course, what Jesse was looking forward to most of all....his Paintball Party!  Jesse and 9 others had an absolute blast on this very beautiful day!
 Claire and I played it safe and watched from afar...and yes, that is a picture of Lance surrendering!
 Jesse and crew before their first game!
 After a few games, time for a cupcake, ice cream, and present break!!
Jesse was exhausted but had the best time.....unfortunately, he and Lance had to go directly to baseball practice afterwards!  I know of 2 who will sleep well tonight!

We are all truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to make Jesse's 12th Birthday so very special and memorable!

Love, Gretchen

Monday, April 01, 2013

He Has Risen!

 What a truly wonderful time of year Easter is.  Spring has arrived, Jesus has risen, Jesse & Claire both have upcoming birthdays, and the school year is coming to a close!!!  We had a great Easter trip once again to Jackson, MS to visit Lance's very large family.  We were busy with 2 family reunions, and The Hollingsworth Annual Golf Tournament!  The kids were exhausted after it was all done, but loved every minute of it!!

 A very sleepy Jesse on Easter morning!

 Of course Jesse is getting a tad old for the Easter Egg hunts, but Claire loves every second of it! 

 The girl at the end of a long reunion still had a ton of energy!
 Jesse sorting his goodies!
 All Aboard!  Cousins Keri and George with Jesse and Claire
 The kids all dying Easter Eggs at Cousin Keri, Patrick, and Dylan's house

 Easter Morning Goodies!
 Claire ready for another hunt, this time at The Hare Family Reunion

 Keri and Jesse ready to hunt for "the money egg"!  They were motivated because there was $34.00 in that egg!
 Claire with yet more cousins!

 The kids especially loved taking a swing at the Easter Pinata, Claire got the first swing and Jesse was able to crack it open after the little ones took their turns.
 Lance and Mr. Hollingsworth after the Golf Tourney.  Tired and hungry!

Sweet cousin Gracie after hunting lots of eggs!!!

We are so truly blessed to have such a large family to make such great memories for us and our children...we hope everyone's Easter was just as memorable!