Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Baby is 7!

 We really are having trouble believing Claire turns 7 this week!  She celebrated her Birthday this weekend surrounded by family and friends ay CROSSFIRE Commandos.  The kids had an absolute blast, and were all exhausted when it was over....that makes for happy parents!
 Claire picked out the fabric and cupcake for her birthday outfit and was perfect for all the running and jumping she did!
 Mommy and Claire before heading out for the big party!
 Claire listening to the rules before beginning the party!
 She was the first one harnessed but all the kids were so excited and not quite sure what to expect!
 Everyone being so patient at their turn on the mega trampoline!
 Claire with buddy Conor in tow.
 The kids loved running and flying into that pit!
 At this point Jesse realizing he might be getting a bit old for this.....
 the  12 year old cousins still having a great time!
 The kids doing some sort of mission in the pit......
 All ready for the zip line!
 Claire specifically requested cookie cakes this year....I think everyone enjoyed the change....I have to say, I did still make 2 dozen cupcakes just in case.....they were eaten too!!

 Claire's sweet sweet friends!
This is our very tired little girl at the end of her party....She said she didn't think she had any smiles left!  We are so greatful for so many friends and family who came to wish Claire a very Happy #7!!  We love you all!!


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