Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekend Fun in Jackson, MS

We drove down to Jackson, MS to see Lance's Grandparents, Cousins, & Aunts and Uncles last weekend and the kids had a blast. It's only 2 weeks until school begins, so we jumped at the free weekend and drove down. We had great fun, food, & company!
Claire was instantly taken with her cousin Micheal, who was taken with her as well.....
Jesse's Pappaw found this Mastedon tooth in the Natchez Trace area a few years ago. Jesse was fascinated with the tooth and it's size! We then went to the Museum of Natural Science, where they had a new dinosuar exhibit...full of Mastedon teeth. Jesse was thrilled!!
Jesse & Claire with Mammw during our trip. Thanks for all the great food, Mammaw!!

Trying to stay cool!

Mary Sofia came over for her 1st play date a t Claire's house. They played outside for as long as the mommies could stand the heat! They did splendidly at taking turns going down the water slide! Fun was had by all and yummy snacks followed inside...where it was a bit cooler!!
Mary Sofia became a pro at the slide....
You can tell she's used to hamming it up for the camera!
Hollywood Claire ready for a splash.
Thanks for coming Mary Sofia and Carrie! Sure we'll do it again real soon!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sorry it's been so long......

Well ,today we visited the Mud Island Riverwalk for the 1st time. We went with friends Lily Grace & Elliot from gymnastics class, and their mommies. The kids had a blast! They splashed til they could no longer and then after getting sprinkled in the "Gulf of Mexico", we had lunch in the shade. The kids were exhausted. Yay! All the kids enjoyed the water and were on their best behavior.

Ms. Barb, Claire, & Lily Grace having some fun.
Can't tell Claire liked it at all......
Elliot & Claire having some sort of discussion.
Jesse was a great help with the little kids on the Riverwalk!

I promise to post again real soon!

Sorry it's been so long (continued)........

Well, we've been having a very fun and busy summer. But I finally have a free t moment to post a few new pictures. We're trying to fit lots of fun stuff in before school starts in 3 weeks! Hard to believe!

Claire playing dress up. Actually, she walks around in these shoes most of the day....
Jesse at a Redbirds game with PawPaw, cousin Dylan, and his friend Ryan. Jesse thoroughly enjoyed seeing his cousins this summer!!
Handsome Jesse before going out to eat.
More pictures from today's visit to Mud Island Riverwalk. The kids had a blast and were exhausted at the end of the day....just the way we like them!
Jesse with little Elliot staying cool at the Riverwalk.