Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our 1st visit to the Botanic Gardens!

Well today Claire and some friends all met at the "My Big Backyard", which just opened inside the Memphis Botanic Gardens. I was totally blown away by how wonderful it was! The kids had such a great time and there was always some great surprise around the next bend. For all my Memphis blog followers, you should definitely check it out!
Noah, Elliot, Lily Grace, & Claire banging away at the outdoor music area!

The huge and beautiful treehouse as seen from a distance. Maybe Lance will make the kids one of those????.......

Claire at the raindrop area.....every few minutes a "faux thunderstorm" occurs, complete with loud thunder, fog, mists, and then a downpour! The kids were hit and loved the cool reprieve!

Posing as best as they can for 4 different cameras in the splash pond area......
We truly enjoyed our day and company as much as can be today! We plan another visit very soon!
Love, Gretchen

More Botanic Garden Pictures......

Lots of fun in the sand and water out for falling sand!

There was a worm themed area with huge worm pipes coming in and out of the ground....they were so cool!

Claire taking a closer look at mommy on the top deck of the tree house!

Lily Grace & Claire taking a rest in the "birds nest" portion of the gardens. Our little chicks are so very cute!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend with Family!

Well, our great family members, The Schiller Family, were kind enough to invite us for a day on Horseshoe Lake on their great boat. This was Claire's 1st time on a boat and Jesse's 2nd. They both had such a fantastic time! Jesse especially enjoyed riding on the tube, "Big Bertha!"

Claire had no fears and loves swimming in the lake with Uncle Tommy and all the cousins!

Peyton & Jesse after jumping off the boat again and again....

Jesse in action! Thanks to The Schiler Family for such a great Saturday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess who started 3rd grade today.......

Holding up the big #3 before heading off to meet his new teacher this morning. Jesse wasn't too thrilled about going back to school....but the fact that he is going to have a "guy teacher" gave him a reason to be excited! We'll see.....

Jesse upon taking his seat, anxious to meet his new friends in Mr. Cook's class!
Well, there's lots going on around here, so I promise to post again very soon!