Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

 What a wonderful Christmas we had this year.....we partook in our annual tradtions....mass at Holy Rosary, Christmas at my parent's home, family here on Christmas day!  We couldn't be more blessed.  Jesse's loot seems to be diminishing this year, as his items are becoming more "costly" driver, fancy shoes...etc....He had a great Christmas.  Ms Claire asked for one AG doll that looks like her.  She was thrilled when she discovered Ivy Christmas morning and has yet to put her down!  Santa was able to deliver some other goodies to her, but it paled in comparison to Ivy!  I hope everyone had a blessed day, and is having a wonderful Christmas season!

Love, Gretchen

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas in full swing!

 Well we are just enjoying this season so much this year....toothless Claire asked Santa for a doll that "looks like me" and nothing else.....I hope Santa can deliver!
Claire all gussied up for the Nutcracker.....we had a blast dressing up, going to lunch, and seeing the Nutcracker together.  I've really come to look forward to our little tradition every year!

All 4 of us at The Hollingsworth Christmas this year!  We have lots to be thankful for, and are truly enjoying this time together...boy how they are growing up before my eyes!!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Super Blessed in December

Well, things are busy around here, as we prepare for Christmas, school activities, and lots in between!  We have been great, and are truly enjoying watching our kids grow up......time flies so quickly!  Jesse is somewhere between a kid and a young man...we never know which one we will get when he gets up every morning!  Claire is great, always a smile on that girl's face! As for Lance and I....just keeping up with them keeps us in tip top shape!  We are lucky indeed!