Friday, June 28, 2013

So it finally happened.......

 Well, it finally happened.  I don't know how, but boom I woke up and now I'm 40.  WOW.  Well, I've decided to just make the most of it and enjoy the blessings I've been given.  Many of which are in the pictures I've posted today.  I was surrounded by my sweet husband and kids, mom and dad, brother, sweet mother and father in law, and my sister in law and niece. I even received a giant bouquet of flowers from my grandmother!  It was a lovely day.  The kids made me breakfast AND lunch.  Mind you they are 12 and 7, but for breakfast (2 hours later) Jesse and Claire had made delicious crepes with fresh strawberries.  They worked really hard on them and I was proud of their effort.  They "pampered" me all day with whatever I needed and foot massages galore!  Jesse even offered me a pedicure but I kindly turned that one down..... We all had dinner out and then went to mom and dad's for presents and cake!  A perfect day.

Since Lance and I both turned the big one this year, instead of presents we are doing a trip together in July to St. Martin's.  Can't wait!!!

 Father and son staying out of trouble I think!

 Jenny with her dad and brother
 I absolutely love this picture of the girls bringing me my cake....delicious!
Let's hope 40 is as fabulous as my 30's!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Annual Family Vacay 2013

 Well, as usual, we had an absolute blast on our annual vacation this year!  Per the last 6 years, we made our annual jaunt down to Montgomery, AL to see Claire's friend MG, who was adopted from China at the same time in our travel group!  The girls had a blast reconnecting, comparing sizes, and it was if they didn't miss a beat!  We are so grateful for the hospitality they offered us!
 The girls showing off their original pictures from China

 Claire playing nonstop on the beach!
 This year, we had the pleasure of Lance's sister Jenny and her daughter Gracie to join our huge family for most of the week!  I think they both had a ball!
 Little Lance in training.....
 Big Lance......
 Mom with our sweet little cousin Annabelle

 The kids after helping Lance with their creations!
 Uncle Tommy and Jesse are almost the same height!!!
 Lance and Uncle Tommy are NOT almost the same height!

We are truly blessed to be able to take our vacation with family every year and look forward to it all year long!  I admit, I was not great at taking pictures this year, as I was too busy enjoying myself!  We had the pleasure of Mr. & Mrs. Hollingsworth and cousin Keri for most of the week as well.  I think they had a great time also!  The weather was perfect, and cooler there than in Memphis!!!!

Lots going on this summer, so I promise to post again very soon!!  Love, Gretchen

Friday, June 07, 2013

Tourney Time!!

 We decided to take the kids this time to the Fed Ex Golf Tourney.  Usually just Lance goes or I go with him, but this year we all went!   We went on the first day, so the crowds were thin and we able to see lots!  We all had just a fantastic time!!
 Waiting for the next group to approach the green

Claire and I enjoying the shade and goofing off while Lance stalked David of his favorites!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

So Glad It's June!

 Well, we have officially entered my favorite month!!  For several school, vacation, no school, my Birthday, weddings, and did I say no school???
 We had our families over for Memorial Day and the weather was fantastic!  The kids all had a blast and the food was great as well!  Claire in action with her hula hoop!

Uncle Tommy entertaining Jesse and our neighbor by launching Mr. Hollingsworth's neat rubber band rocket over the house and into the street.Over and over again!

Lots coming up soon, so I promise to post again soon!