Sunday, April 27, 2014

Claire received her First Holy Communion

 Well, I was overjoyed with happiness and emotion yesterday as our little sweet Claire took a step closer in her walk with God yesterday. Claire and many other little ones received their First Holy Communion at St. Francis Church!  Claire was fine until I dropped her off in the room for pictures and went to sit in the sanctuary...she said...well I'm nervous now!  I think most of that had to do with the fact that she was the first to walk in and the first communicant of her class!  Well, she did a flawless job and we couldn't have been prouder. I managed to hold it together myself until she walked up to Father Marshall....then I was mush.....

 Our 13 year old growing up before our eyes....

 Claire's prayer partner, Jo, came to her First Communion and Claire was thrilled she was able to attend! Claire was also surrounded by all her grandparents and Aunt Jenny came as well!! Such a special time!!
 Family pic while looking directly into the sun!

And yes, I was able to put a few curls in Claire's hair....she was tickled to have wavy/curly hair for a change!!!

Well, we are blessed beyond measure and and so excited for Claire's journey.  We have lots going on in the next few weeks, so I promise to post again real soon!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!!

 Well, Easter was upon us this weekend, and of course, we went down to Jackson, MS for family reunions abound!!!  Jesse and Lance participated in The Hollingsworth Golf Tournament, and actually came in 4th this year.  Jesse did great, and was glad to have contributed to the team!  The Hollingsworth Reunion provided tons of fun for both kids, but Jesse was old enough to participate in the bow and arrow events, and loved every second of that!!  He even came home with a bow and 2 arrows, compliments of his Uncle Charles......I'm apologizing to our neighbors in advance!
 Quick Claire had a blast scouring the yard for eggs, and enjoyed the company of all her cousins, including Gracie and George!!

 Of course, there was lots of Easter Egg dying to be done, so we tackled that with gusto and had a ball in the meantime!!
 Keri and Jesse took more time carefully designing their eggs!
 A very excited Claire on Easter morning at Mammaw and Pappaw Hare's home!

 Claire loves a good selfie!
Our squinty eyes looking directly at the sun!! Great weekend for all!

Lots coming up in The Hollingsworth home...Communion, Birthdays, Golf Tournaments!! Promises to post very soon!

Love, Gretchen

Sunday, April 06, 2014

More from the big #13!

 Today is actually Jesse's Birthday and spent the day helping dad in the yard, attending Claire's Basketball Game, followed by dinner at Five Guys and then cupcakes, ice cream, and presents with the family!
 Jesse showing off his new swim trunks from grandma and grandpa!  Jesse received much needed money form Grandma and Grandpa.....thanks!!! If only it would warm up outside!!
Jesse opening his card from Nana and Paw Paw!  Lots of goodies from them....hovercraft, atmosphere ball, and itunes card!
 Yes, we are beginning to look like parents of a teen!
Uncle Tommy, as always, the life of the party!!

Aunt Jenny and Gracie and George also came and a great time was had by all!!  Hard to believe our little fat baby that seems was just born is now a tall, thin young man....we are truly blessed.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Our Jesse Turns 13!!!

 Well, it has happened....we are the parents to a 13 year old whether we like it or not. Jesse and some of his buddies went on a limo scavenger hunt throughout Memphis on this 60 degree but sunny day, and had a complete blast!
 The kids solved the first clue and had lunch overlooking the Mississippi River at Martyr's Park....onto the second location!!
 The kids solved a riddle, which led them to the Orpheum....which then led them to...
 Elvis Presley Statue marking the beginning of Beale Street

 More Beale Street!
 Which ended at the Fed Ex Forum!

 The solved a picture clue to take them to Redbird Stadium.....
 And solved another clue which took them to this little Memphis landmark!
 They got prop clues and a riddle for the gates of Graceland as well!
 Limo Fun!
One of the stops was the Peabody, where the kids watched the ducks and went to the rooftop.  Just as they arrived to the ducks, one layed an egg and it is captured here on the floor.  The kids were in awe and quite curious as to what was going to happen to the not so little egg.....turns was cracked and the kids moved on with their lives!

Happy Happy Birthday to our young man!  We love you Jesse!