Sunday, April 06, 2014

More from the big #13!

 Today is actually Jesse's Birthday and spent the day helping dad in the yard, attending Claire's Basketball Game, followed by dinner at Five Guys and then cupcakes, ice cream, and presents with the family!
 Jesse showing off his new swim trunks from grandma and grandpa!  Jesse received much needed money form Grandma and Grandpa.....thanks!!! If only it would warm up outside!!
Jesse opening his card from Nana and Paw Paw!  Lots of goodies from them....hovercraft, atmosphere ball, and itunes card!
 Yes, we are beginning to look like parents of a teen!
Uncle Tommy, as always, the life of the party!!

Aunt Jenny and Gracie and George also came and a great time was had by all!!  Hard to believe our little fat baby that seems was just born is now a tall, thin young man....we are truly blessed.

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