Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!!

 Well, Easter was upon us this weekend, and of course, we went down to Jackson, MS for family reunions abound!!!  Jesse and Lance participated in The Hollingsworth Golf Tournament, and actually came in 4th this year.  Jesse did great, and was glad to have contributed to the team!  The Hollingsworth Reunion provided tons of fun for both kids, but Jesse was old enough to participate in the bow and arrow events, and loved every second of that!!  He even came home with a bow and 2 arrows, compliments of his Uncle Charles......I'm apologizing to our neighbors in advance!
 Quick Claire had a blast scouring the yard for eggs, and enjoyed the company of all her cousins, including Gracie and George!!

 Of course, there was lots of Easter Egg dying to be done, so we tackled that with gusto and had a ball in the meantime!!
 Keri and Jesse took more time carefully designing their eggs!
 A very excited Claire on Easter morning at Mammaw and Pappaw Hare's home!

 Claire loves a good selfie!
Our squinty eyes looking directly at the sun!! Great weekend for all!

Lots coming up in The Hollingsworth home...Communion, Birthdays, Golf Tournaments!! Promises to post very soon!

Love, Gretchen

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