Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Merry Christmas!

 Well, Christmas for us was last weekend with The Hollingsworths, yesterday with my mom, dad and brother, and today with our parents and siblings!  I am one exhausted momma.  But a blessed one indeed!
 Jesse's gifts from Santa are getting fewer and more expensive...go figure.
 Claire amazes me in her variation of interests...that girl loves basketball, legos, and all things girly....

 Our boy keeps do his golf clubs!
 This is her 3rd basketball....she literally wore the other 2 out!
 She has discovered Roominate and loves it!!!
 Jesse with a grown up robotics kit....we shall see how that goes!
This one is usually behind the camera...not today!

I am blessed beyond words for my husband and all he does for us.  I am lucky that I have kids and family who truly understand what this day is about....Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hollingsworth Christmas

 Well, we celebrated Christmas with Lance's parents and siblings and all their children this weekend and just had a blast!  We started the evening with a fantastic dinner at Side Porch, followed by presents, crafts, and trivia!  We took our annual goofy picture...although Lance  stayed the same in both shots....big suprise there! We really treasure these moment together!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

It's That Time Of Year!!!

 Hard to believe the wonderful season of our Christ's arrival is upon us!  We kicked off the season with the SFA Breakfast with Santa and The Nutcracker!
 Claire's yearly obligatory Orpheum picture!
 We decided to visit The Peabody Lobby before heading to The Orpheum....couldn't even get the entire tree in the shot!  So big and beautiful!
 The made from scratch gingerbread Christmas Village at The could smell it throughout The Peabody Lobby!
 Before the show.....not wanting to show those braces off apparently!

On Sunday Lance's firm hosted Alastair Bruce from Downton Abbey to come and give the most interesting talk to kick off the 6th season....Had a blast and can't wait for the final season!
 Today was SFA's Christmas Program....Claire was lovely in the choir and was all smiles at 6:45 this am before leaving.....
Lots and  lots more to come!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Another Milestone....

 Well my little baby is growing up...she has begged for many moths to get her ears pierced and we have put her off and put her off......Now that she is in between soccer and basketball, time was of the she got her little ears pierced today.  She had her heart set on  some little cultured pearls, but they don't offer that, so she went with some tiny diamond studs (like mother like daughter!)  She was a trooper and was so a brave little lady!

 marking and cleaning the ears...

 She kept this face the entire time!!

The finished product!  All smiles!  When she got home Jesse (oh those big brothers) said she had "Too much metal going on"......Well, I think this new metal is much cuter than the other!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween is upon us!

 Well, Claire didn't want anything to do with princesses or vampires this a teacher it was!   It was actually so much fun watching her come up with all the little details and accessories!  She had a blast at the SBA trunk or treat, and I think even enjoyed all the attention!!

A big shout out to Jesse for making a SFA teacher ID that looks just like the real thing...not sure if I should be impressed or scared.....

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Go Tigers Go!!

Well, the U of M Tigers played Ole Miss yesterday in a fantastic game on a beautiful day!!!  And they won!!!  We were the underdogs and cheered the Tigers on with 60,000 other fans!  Our nephews Dylan and Patrick come up from Jackson, MS to cheer on the Tigers with us!! They are all grown up!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Busy Busy Fall Break........

 Well she did it.....Claire has been asking and asking to have her hair cut for months and I've been putting if off for months. We finally bit the bullet and let her do it.....I'm secretly hoping she grows it out again....but she loves it, and that's all that matters I suppose!

 We took a road trip to Starkville, MS to Mississippi State University for a huge high school robotics competition with SBA.  They didn't win, but learned a lot and worked hard as a team!

 Jesse was on the marketing team and had to present to the judges and did a great job!

 Some major troubleshooting going on....

 Trying to figure out how to fix the robot in 2 minutes!
Posing in front of the exhibit....Fantastic exhibit!                
Claire stylin'...dressing herself these days!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SBA Golf Finishes The Season.....

 Well, the SBA  Golf Banquet was tonight and Jesse had a blast with all his teammates....He really became attached to his coach, and can't wait to come back stronger as a sophomore!  He won the Rookie of the Year Award, and was a proud fellow tonight!

 Jesse with all the new rookies on the team.....
We had a blast (well, most of the time) watching Jesse on the Varsity Team as a Freshman, but he wants to get stronger and better for summer tour golf....we shall see!!!

Our Baby Has Braces.....

 Poor Claire and her tiny mouth with no room for all her teeth!!! Poor Claire is a champ and went today for top braces and an expander installed in her jaw.
 Her Pre-Brace Smile!

 Still smiling after all that!! A very numb Claire showing off her blue and pink braces....goodness mercy blue and pink.... of course she already has plans to change the colors for the holidays!
 No wires yet.... the doctor said because so much was done today he wants to wait 3 weeks before adding yet another thing...

Proud of my beautiful little girl today!