Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Merry Christmas!

 Well, Christmas for us was last weekend with The Hollingsworths, yesterday with my mom, dad and brother, and today with our parents and siblings!  I am one exhausted momma.  But a blessed one indeed!
 Jesse's gifts from Santa are getting fewer and more expensive...go figure.
 Claire amazes me in her variation of interests...that girl loves basketball, legos, and all things girly....

 Our boy keeps do his golf clubs!
 This is her 3rd basketball....she literally wore the other 2 out!
 She has discovered Roominate and loves it!!!
 Jesse with a grown up robotics kit....we shall see how that goes!
This one is usually behind the camera...not today!

I am blessed beyond words for my husband and all he does for us.  I am lucky that I have kids and family who truly understand what this day is about....Merry Christmas!

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