Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! Well we had a great day yesterday having an Easter egg hunt at Grandma Hydrick's house and the weather was lovely! Today we woke up and Jesse(of course) woke up first and tore into his basket. Finally, we decided to wake up Claire 1 hour later and knew she was not well. She really didn't seem too interested in her basket and Jesse had to take each item out for her. She woke up with almost 102 temp and slept most of the day. Of course, we dod not make it out today at all and didn't even get to wear her Easter dress I made. Oh Well, that's life as a parent, we're learning! We did have a super relaxing day around the house and spent lots of time playing with Jesse. Hope to post some more pics soon!

Happy Easter!
Love, Gretchen

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Egg Dying Pictures....

Preparing for Easter!!

Well, the kids were invited to their Aunt Cathie and Uncle Charlie's home this weekend for an afternoon of dying Easter eggs, lots of sugar, and fun! Claire had her 1st Easter egg dying experience and had a blast, especially when she realized that if she squeezed the egg hard enogh, there was more stuff under there! She actually ate almost 1 whole hard boiled egg....
Claire with one of her Princess eggs.
Jesse, of course, is a pro by now and enjoyed "tye-dying" his eggs! He was a big helpto Claire as well! Can't wait to hide all those eggs this weekend!

Will post lots of Easter photos this weekend!


Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring Sewing!!!! Even thought it's snowing outside....

Well, I never think to take photos of the bags, curtains, and clothes I make, so I thought I'd start doing it so one day, long down the road, I can remember what I sewed......

These are a couple of things I put together this and last week for Claire when it was unseasonally warm.

Thiw is my first try at applique. I'm getting a bit better with it and hope to make more for Claire and other friends and family soon!

Snow Time!

Well, it's an understatement to say I had 2 very happy children this afternoon. Claire enjoyed her 1st snow thoroughly and by the end of the hour outside, she was eating it, rolling in it, and just plain giddy. Jesse of course, was in heaven and stayed outside til past dark. I hope it sticks around til at least tomorrow! Happy Snowing!

Claire with her big girl hair cut and bobby pin in place(we'll see how long the bobby pin lasts....)

That's all for now!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Gotcha Day Anniversary Pictures

Tonight we captured Claire and Jesse's special day by having dinner together as a family with both sets of grandparents on hand.....our poor waitress!!
Jesse eating his sugar filled desert...right before bedtime........
Claire posing with her favorite man!
Mrs.Hollingsworth, AKA Nana, did a great job of keeping Claire fed....Claire did not stop eating until we took her out of her highchair.
Grandma getting a little love from Claire. Both sets of grandparents were so sweet to share this day with our family. They both had wonderful special gifts for Claire to remember her Gotcha Day in the future!

We are so greatful for our families and friends! Thanks to all who have called and emailed us on the wonderful day. We love you!

Gretchen, Lance, Jesse, and Claire

Happy Gotcha Day Claire!!!

Well, this is a very special day in the Hollingsworth Home. This is the 1 year anniversary of getting Claire! Oh how much has happened in just one year. Claire has totally come out of her shell and is as wonderful as we all prayed for. This is also a special day for Jesse, as he became a big brother on this day also! In the past year, we have been privelaged enough to see many of Claire's "Firsts". Her first time crawling, walking, talking, and many others. We thank God every day for the Little Miracle that has made our family complete.

Jesse and I pray every day that her birth parents know that she is happy, healhy, and safe here with us. This is the nanny who brought Claire from the orphanage to us. This is our 1st glimpse of Claire!
Here's mommy the emotional and sleep deprived wreck holding Claire for the 1st time.
Claire was in a state of shock for quite a while. Just taking it all in, I think!
Lance's 1st time holding Claire!

Thanks to everyone for following the blog, as I will continue to update it at the requests of many friends and family! We love you all!

Love, Gretchen