Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Gotcha Day Anniversary Pictures

Tonight we captured Claire and Jesse's special day by having dinner together as a family with both sets of grandparents on hand.....our poor waitress!!
Jesse eating his sugar filled desert...right before bedtime........
Claire posing with her favorite man!
Mrs.Hollingsworth, AKA Nana, did a great job of keeping Claire fed....Claire did not stop eating until we took her out of her highchair.
Grandma getting a little love from Claire. Both sets of grandparents were so sweet to share this day with our family. They both had wonderful special gifts for Claire to remember her Gotcha Day in the future!

We are so greatful for our families and friends! Thanks to all who have called and emailed us on the wonderful day. We love you!

Gretchen, Lance, Jesse, and Claire

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