Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone! Well we had a great day yesterday having an Easter egg hunt at Grandma Hydrick's house and the weather was lovely! Today we woke up and Jesse(of course) woke up first and tore into his basket. Finally, we decided to wake up Claire 1 hour later and knew she was not well. She really didn't seem too interested in her basket and Jesse had to take each item out for her. She woke up with almost 102 temp and slept most of the day. Of course, we dod not make it out today at all and didn't even get to wear her Easter dress I made. Oh Well, that's life as a parent, we're learning! We did have a super relaxing day around the house and spent lots of time playing with Jesse. Hope to post some more pics soon!

Happy Easter!
Love, Gretchen

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Carrie said...

Oh poor baby Claire! It still looks like she enjoyed herself. I love Jesse and Claire's basket/buckets. Cute idea! See you very soon--with another member of our family! :)

Love, Carrie