Saturday, June 16, 2007

One last vacation photo....

I just love this picture, because this is the expression on her face most of the time. She was looking intently at a seagull that was just a foot or so away. Such a wonderful trip!
I will post more pictures soon!

Love, Gretchen

More vacation photos!!

This is the 1st time all 9 great grandchildren have been together at the same time. Grandma Hydrick was so proud to finally have this picture taken! The kids all enjoyed each other's company on the beach!
Brother & sister enjoying evening on the beach.
The annual beach chair picture is a tradition in our family, & now we get to take one of Claire as well as Jesse! She wasn't so sure about this though.....
Hard to smile when staring directly at the sun!
Jesse was so proud to be taking this picture with his sister this year! She wasn't as cooperative as he, though.....

We're Back!!

Well, we're back safe & sound from a glorious family vacation to Orange Beach! Jesse & Claire did great, & Claire loved the ocean & sand! This picture is of the day before we left. She is crawling all around the house now, & pulling up onto furniture! She is doing new things daily!!
Claire's 1st day on the beach! She was all smiles like this until the last 2 days, when she began to cut 2 new teeth. That girl is going to have a mouthful!! Lance says this picture is of his "little Michelle Wie in training".
Jesse & his cousing Peyton. They would play in the beach until they could go no longer! This is their Power Ranger pose......
Claire with cousin Asa. Asa is 5 months old & outweighs Claire. He is the sweetest baby ever!!
Jesse & more of his cousins feeding the gulls crackers. They loved to see the gulls hovering overhead!