Saturday, June 16, 2007

We're Back!!

Well, we're back safe & sound from a glorious family vacation to Orange Beach! Jesse & Claire did great, & Claire loved the ocean & sand! This picture is of the day before we left. She is crawling all around the house now, & pulling up onto furniture! She is doing new things daily!!
Claire's 1st day on the beach! She was all smiles like this until the last 2 days, when she began to cut 2 new teeth. That girl is going to have a mouthful!! Lance says this picture is of his "little Michelle Wie in training".
Jesse & his cousing Peyton. They would play in the beach until they could go no longer! This is their Power Ranger pose......
Claire with cousin Asa. Asa is 5 months old & outweighs Claire. He is the sweetest baby ever!!
Jesse & more of his cousins feeding the gulls crackers. They loved to see the gulls hovering overhead!

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