Saturday, November 23, 2013

November Fun!!!

 Well, we are more than halfway through November, and it's been full full full!!!  We celebrated Lances big 41 out to eat and then back here for presents and cake!  Hard to believe the boy I met when he was 17 is now 41!  Well, I'm blessed beyond measure!  Also, a bunch of us SFA moms hit the town for a night out and then went to the JT concert!  I must say I had a little too much fun...but wouldn't trade it for the world!!  It was great taking off my "my mom hat" for an evening and just having a blast with my friends!!

The Hollingsworth Bunch on Lance's Birthday!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

 Well, we were told by Jesse that this Halloween will be his last (we'll see about that.....) so he really needed to hit those houses last night quickly so that he could acrue a lot of candy....He racked up, so hopefully mission accomplished.
 Claire was a garden fairy, and while I'm not really sure what that is, she wanted me to take live ivy from my garden and apply it all over that costume....and that's just what we and all. I did overhear her telling some friends "Don't worry, it's not poison ivy!"  Anyway, she looked super cute and had a great night!!
This is the "fight picture" as orchestrated by Jesse I'm sure....  Enjoy and lots of events coming up, so I promise to post soon!

Love, Gretchen