Sunday, February 19, 2017

This and that......

Claire getting ready for Mardi Gras parade at her school.  She was told to make a desert board and we love her choice of play on words!

Claire's sweet basketball coach at her end of the season basketball party!  Go Timberwolves!

Claire being a big girl ....

Jesse working the SFA Scholastic Book Fair.  He loved checking out all those kiddos!

All This in the same week????

Well, my mom always said God only gives you what you can handle....I think God must have thought Lance and I were super heroes last week....but in the end, we made it just fine.  It was the most trying week of our 20 years together, but we did it.  Bring it on!

To make a very very long story short, Claire was to have had an outpatient test last Tuesday at Baptist Hospital Children's Wing.  She reacted badly to the final medication in the test and we had a scary time for a while.  She was placed in ICU til the next afternoon and was a complete champ about it all!  All the while, we had our brand new water heater blow a leak and decide to flood our attic and made it rain downstairs. It's now repaired! The next day, our garage door decided to buckle on us and a new one is one the way.....  when it rains it pours!

Our amazing little champ in her first and hopefully only hospital visit!

Thanks to everyone for all the calls and food and prayers!  We needed it all! We love you all!