Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jesse Becomes A Sophomore!!

Well, Jesse began his first day as a Sophomore today!  How time has flown.  My boy is driving with a permit, playing golf with the Varsity Team, and taking challenging classes.  I am a lucky little momma!  I pray for Jesse to have a safe and wonderful year sprinkled with blessings!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FirsDay Of 5th Grade....And First SBA Golf Match Of The Year!

 What a busy 2 days it has been!  We now have a lovely, dainty, little 5th Grader and is all smiles about her lack of braces!

 It's hard for me to comprehend that our little Claire is one year from Middle School....I have a year to freak over that one.

Claire has been hoping for years to get Mrs. Corzine, which she did this year!  She will change classes starting this year, and is so excited about that!  This year should be a blast!
 Jesse started his second year on the Varsity Golf Team at SBA as a sophomore yesterday against Bartlett High.  That boy was all nerves!  He was wound so tight...They lost by only 2 strokes to a team that had 2 of the best players in the it can only get better from here!

I love the amazing sportsmanship of this game.  They all cheer each other on, and just are so very kind to each other.....

Well, Jesse's first day of sophomore year is tomorrow, so I will post again soon!  Lots coming up soon!!!!

Monday, August 01, 2016

A Backyard Visitor....

I spotted this visitor in my backyard last evening.  A red-tailed hawk.  While I see them soaring overhead, I've never had the pleasure of one perching in my backyard for a rest.  This beauty sat for 15 minutes and watched something in my neighbor's back yard....let's hope it wasn't one of their little dogs!