Sunday, May 31, 2015

New Camera Fun.....

 The 4 of us went out for a lovely dinner ay Buckley's on Saturday evening, and stopped my my parents for a few minutes.  I decided to take advantage of their beautiful back yard and snap some pics with my new camera, which I am still trying to figure out...enjoy!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Fun!

 We were blessed to have had a lovely Memorial day today, joined buy our parents, siblings, and our friends the Beatty's!  We enjoyed lots of delicious food and activities, and lively conversation, and appreciate all those who have given their lives so that we can live freely.
 Uncle Ryan and Uncle Tommy trying hard not to injure themselves.....

 Jesse playing the wrong sport....
 Claire in action
 The girls loving decorating our sidewalk...
 On of our many hummers.....
 Claire being Claire

 Our little injured little hummer the kids were feeding while waiting for Bartlett Animal Shelter to recuse and rehabilitate it!
 Little George loving him some softball!
 Jesse and Claire early yesterday am after discovering the little hummer...
 Spring has sprung!

 Go Ryan Go!
 Jesse and Scott at their favorite pasttime.....Yes Jesse took up big chunks of grass all afternoon.....

Love my family and friends and am so very blessed!  This promises to be a fantastic summer......Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last Day of School and Hummingbird Drama......

 Well, Claire is elated to be done with 3rd and moving on to 4th, not without a long break though!!!  A very hard year for her, but she grew leaps and bounds as a 3rd grader!!!  Bring on the summer!!!

 Well, I awoke early Saturday to change my feeders and something caught my eye....this is the first hummer I've found injured.  It appeared stunned and the kids tried their darndest to feed it without touching it...we were so hesitant to put our scent on the little thing...the Bartlett Animal Shelter was amazing and picked up the little fellow immediately and are going to nurse it back to health...I hope!!!  Well, it was a treat to see it up close for so long!

Messing around with my new camera.......

Saturday, May 16, 2015

8th Grade Graduation...we have a High Schooler Now!!!

 Jesse graduated last night from SFA in a wonderful and touching ceremony at St Francis Church! Jesse is going to miss all his friends, but is looking forward to his new high school and new beginnings!  Jesse and Annie at the reception.
 Jesse and friend and DC roomie, Zachary
 Jesse and friend and golfing buddy, Owen.
 Jesse and Radha have attended school together since 2nd grade at Grahamwood Optional!

 Claire and friend Emma goofing off at the reception
 A nervous and proud Jesse.....

 Jesse's fan club!
A reception family photo!

I really can't believe that Jesse is done with this chapter of his life and is now about to begin High School.  I really can't believe how time has flown.  Lance and I are incredibly proud of him and can't wait to see what his future holds....

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Busy Wonderful Week!!!

 Well, the week was a whirlwind of activity starting with Claire's 9th Birthday Party!  The pics will be posted of the party soon...taken with my dad's camera, so I am waiting on those pics..... Claire's birthday was a blast and on a perfect sunny day!!  We love you Claire!  Happy Happy Birthday!
 Immediately after the party was the SFA Father/Daughter Dance and they ate out at Pei Wei with some good friends who were also attending the dance, and then danced the night away!  Claire said Lance even I don't believe it!
 Friday was Jesse's official last day of middle school filled with Graduation rehearsal, 8th Grade Luncheon, and 8th Grade awards ceremony.  Jesse was awarded an award for Highest Science Average, Presidential Academic award, Beta Club, Honor Society, Lector, and Robotics Awards! He was a happy boy!
 Jesse all prepped up for his 8th Grade Graduation Party for 8th Graders only.  They had a blast and over 100 kids attended.  They danced for 3 solid hours and we had a photo booth, DJ, door prizes, popcorn bar, to name a few....and the kids made some memories!!

A cute little pic from the photo booth at the Father/Daughter Dance at SFA!