Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last Day of School and Hummingbird Drama......

 Well, Claire is elated to be done with 3rd and moving on to 4th, not without a long break though!!!  A very hard year for her, but she grew leaps and bounds as a 3rd grader!!!  Bring on the summer!!!

 Well, I awoke early Saturday to change my feeders and something caught my eye....this is the first hummer I've found injured.  It appeared stunned and the kids tried their darndest to feed it without touching it...we were so hesitant to put our scent on the little thing...the Bartlett Animal Shelter was amazing and picked up the little fellow immediately and are going to nurse it back to health...I hope!!!  Well, it was a treat to see it up close for so long!

Messing around with my new camera.......

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