Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Fun!!!

Well, we drove up to St.Louis last week to spend some quality time with Jesse and to meet Lances's sister, Jenny, who lives in Nebraska. We took Jesse skiing at the Hidden Valley Ski and had a blast. Jesse fell less and less each time down. We will definitely be back. Claire enjoyed the time with both sets of her grandparents.
On the left is the "bunny slope" that we spent a lot of time on.....
At the top of the St. Louis arch...Jesse really enjoyed seeing the Mississippi River ane St.Louis Cardinals Stadium.
Jesse looking fierce......
We actually also visited the Anheiser/Busch Brewery and got to see all the different buildings and all the different stages of the beermaking process. It was quite interesting and amazing how large the campus is. The "grownups" got to taste test the products at the end of the tour. Jesse was equally proud of his Root Beer pretzels at the end also.

As soon as I figure out our new video camera, I will post video of Jesse on the slopes.

Will post soon!
Love, Gretchen

Monday, February 04, 2008

Claire Montana

Well, we were just sitting there, and when Claire heard this song, she went nuts. She spins herself dizzy every time. Enjoy! Oh...and by the way, Claire now answers to "Claire Montana." Will post more of Jesse won't be far behind!