Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun in August!

Well, this time it was Claire's turn to participate in her own triathalon...the Bartlett Kid's Small Fry Tri was this weekend for the younger set, and Claire had a blast! Here is Claire strutting her stuff!
Of course, Lily & Claire were all smiles before the race! The girls both did great! So cute....such great memories!

Last weekend was Tiger Fan Fest to support the Tigers and Dylan, Keri, Jesse, & Claire were looking great in their Tiger Blue! Lots coming up so promise to post soon!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing with Gracie and 1st Day of Preschool!!

Well, we've had such a great week and busy week! Claire and I watched Baby Gracie yesterday, and Claire thinks she's a little babysitter.......Although Gracie is as large as Claire, Claire loved feeding her, and did a pretty good job as well!
Claire was all smiles this morning as we left for her 1st day of 4 Year old Preschool!

She met up with Elliot & Lily Grace before entering the Preschool! Those kids are getting sooo big!

Sweet girls ready to start a great day!

The kids, with totes in hand, ready to meet their teachers!

Well, Claire had a great 1st day of preschool and is ready to do it again next week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sewing, Tumbling, & Rolling!

Well, I've gotten the sewing bug again and have decided to make Claire a few dresses for the fall. My sweet Aunt Linda did the monogramming, but now that I have a machine of my own, I won't be bothering her again (not for a while I hope!)
Claire at it at gymnastics and loves her new coach!

Claire thought she had a real hand in making this dress because she picked out the buttons......

This cordoroy dress will look so cute with a brown turtleneck in the fall!

Since it was insanely hot Saturday, Uncle Tommy put the kids to his truck!

Claire and cousin Gracie......Gracie looks scared to death....

Claire got to roller skate for the 1st time last week with friends Lily Grace and Elliot. Had a blast and got right back up every time she fell (which was a lot) and went at it again!

Claire & Lily rocking it out on the floor!
Well, there's lots going on and will post again real soon!

Monday, August 09, 2010

4th Grade.... Oh My!

Well, our Jesse started 4th grade today! He wasn't ready by any means to start back to school, but loved seeing all his friends again!
Mom and Jesse in our obligitory 1st day of school picture.

Lance & his clone before heading out the door.Way to go Jesse!

Well, today Claire had her 1st day back to gymnastics and had a blast! She did great and seems to be getting stronger! She just lights up when she's out there and we love watching her in action!
Promise to post again soon!


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jesse Did It!!!

Well, Jesse decided at the beginning of the summer that he would sign up for the Bartlett Kids Triathalon that was held today! He practiced (off and on) all summer on his swimming and today, got to go up against a lot of kids and finished!

This is fierce Jesse before the race.......

Jesse ready to start the Triathalon with swimming......

Jesse in action (with the swim cap on)

After the swimming portion, Jesse transitioned to the bike, where he had a 3 mile ride.

Then, the last event was a 1/2 mile run to the finish line!

Jesse very proud of himself after the race! Not looking quite as fierce as at the beginning of the race.......

Jesse taking a breather after realizing his muscles felt like jello! Jesse's grandparents (all of them!) and cousins and Aunt Tracey were on hand with signs to cheer him on ! We're so proud of you Jesse!!