Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jesse Did It!!!

Well, Jesse decided at the beginning of the summer that he would sign up for the Bartlett Kids Triathalon that was held today! He practiced (off and on) all summer on his swimming and today, got to go up against a lot of kids and finished!

This is fierce Jesse before the race.......

Jesse ready to start the Triathalon with swimming......

Jesse in action (with the swim cap on)

After the swimming portion, Jesse transitioned to the bike, where he had a 3 mile ride.

Then, the last event was a 1/2 mile run to the finish line!

Jesse very proud of himself after the race! Not looking quite as fierce as at the beginning of the race.......

Jesse taking a breather after realizing his muscles felt like jello! Jesse's grandparents (all of them!) and cousins and Aunt Tracey were on hand with signs to cheer him on ! We're so proud of you Jesse!!

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Carrie said...

Way to go, Jesse!

You definitely looked fierce. We are proud of you! Hope you have a great school year--can't wait to hear all about 5th grade!!

Love, The Bernards