Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Animals of the Litcherman Nature Center

Well, my Aunt Hilda, who works at the Center, took all the grandkids to the center to have "backstage tour" to handle many of the animals. I have posted a few of the ones the kids got the pleasure of holding or petting. Thanks to Aunt Hilda! We all had a great time! Here's Jesse with a rescued box turtle. The turtle only has 3 legs, and was nursed back to health at the center.

Claire held all the animals as well, but was always swarmed by her cousins, so I don't have any of her in action.....but enjoy the pics though!
This was Jesse's favorite I believe. It's a blue tongued skink. Many who know me knows that we get visits during the spring and summer from a family of skinks! Jesse loved it!

More of the Nature Center.....

Here's a rescued red tailed hawk with it's handler. Here he is being fed mice....that had the kids in complete captivation....the adults too!
Jesse holding a corn snake....the snake was very calm....despite all the kids around!

Jesse with his explorer bag to hold all his treasures from today.

The possum scurried around and let all the kids hold him.....such a calm little creature!

Jesse and claire observing ablack rabbit. He was rescued...along with most of the other animals in the center.

Friday, December 25, 2009

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Jesse & Claire after coming down to see what Santa had brought them.......
This is as good a pose as we could get from her today. She was non-stop action today! If only I could ciphen her energy.......

Jesse taking a moment from his loot to ham it up!

What did Santa bring Claire???

How about Jesse???
Merry Christmas to everyone and may we be in constant reminder of the reason for this wonderful season! Love,Gretchen

Merry Christmas Continued!

Well, Claire crashed on the way home from Christmas Eve and Grandma and Grandpa's house, so Jesse put out the milk, cookies, and note for Santa solo this year!
Claire opening one of her gifts at Grandma & Grandpa's on Christmas Eve.

Any ideas what Jesse wants to be when he grows up????

My dad during all the gift opening chaos!

Lance upon awakening this morning at 6:15am. Picture by Jesse!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Christmas Festivities

Well, this weekend we also celebrated Christmas with the Hydrick side of the family and had a wonderful time, as usual. Here are my double-first cousins, who drove from Murfreesboro to join in on the fun!
My sweet uncle with 2 of his adorable grandchildren! Uncle Danny is the only one missing a pacifier!

The great grandkids (some of them) waiting on their turn to open a gift!

Claire and Jesse having a chat with Santa at Bass Pro Shops!

Jesse was Joseph in his PRE Christmas play and was boasting of his job! He did a great job!

It's Christmas Time!

Well, we had our Christmas with The Hollingsworth side yesterday, and we all had a great time! The kids always enjoy spending time with their cousins! They are all getting so big!
Me with the kids before opening our gifts......

Here's Jesse opening his big gift from Mr. & Mrs. Hollingsworth....any guesses?????

His first set of golf clubs!! Lance is very happy (and a little scared) to have Jesse start joining him to play golf when the weather warms up!
Merry Christmas and promises to post real soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Claire's "Girl Day" Part 2

Well, here are a few more photos, this time from Barb, so they'll be much better! Enjoy!
Claire was not afraid of Santa at all and was whispering to him in the softest voice what she wanted. Whatever she said, Santa laughed.....She and Lily were perfect ladies and each received a candy cane from Santa!
Will post again very soon!


Claire's "Girl Day"

Well, Claire and Lily Grace had a very special day together today. Instead of the girls exchanging gifts, we decided to let them have an experience instead. Well, Build-a-Bear was agreed upon, so we took the girls today. They both had the best time, though Claire acted quite shy, I think she was a bit overwhelmed and not sure of the whole thing. Well, she picked a cat she named "Keri" (for her beloved cousin Keri, in Jackson) and Lily picked a reindeer she deeemed "Rascal". Here they are putting the hearts in their bears.
After their animals were assembled, they gave them a "bath" complete with brushes and blowing air they made by some foot pedals on the ground. Claire loved this!

Here's Claire putting her outfit on "Keri". She chose a soft pink robe....well, at least Claire's cat is comfortable!

I especially love this picture because the girls are just being themselves and not posing for us here. Sorry the clarity isn't great. I hope to share more pics after Barb sends me hers! She takes a much better picture than I!

Well, after the Build a Bear, Claire was treated to a carousel ride, which she loved! We then went for lunch and the girls couldn't have had more fun.....who couldn't when strawberry milkshakes are involved!! They also took in their new animals and pretended to feed them! Hope to have a few more pics of the day soon!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Enjoying the reason for the season....

Well, we all had a great weekend, starting on Saturday with Breakfast with Santa at Holy Rosary. The kids had breakfast, pictures with Santa, Advent crafts, and performances by the Holy Rosary Youth Group. Lots of great memories were made!
Jesse hard at work making reindeer food.

This was actually the 1st time Claire sat on Santa's lap without a fuss or bribing. So proud! Glad no scenes were made! Well, we have lots of holiday events happening this week, so promise to blog again very soon! Love, Gretchen

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Let the Christmas Fun Begin!

Well, our great friends Barb and Lily Grace hosted yet another fabulous party for the gymnastics friends and they had a blast! Claire here is showing off her book she received from Noah from the book exchange!
Showing off a bit here I believe.....

The kids made their own Gingerbread Houses and Claire's is very blinged out and very "busy"!

All the buddies before the festivities got underway. Thanks to Barb and Lily Grace for being such gracious hostesses!

Lots going on in the next few weeks. Promise to post again very soon!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gotta love those kids......

Well, Claire and Jesse picked a little boy's name for the Jesse Tree/Giving Tree at our church last weekend. I decided to take them last night to buy the gift for the little boy. They both pooled their money from their banks, and this is what they came back with for him. I think it made them feel great.....and theat there are many less fortunate people out there. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Tigers!

Well, Jesse was asked to be a ball boy at this weekend's Lady Tiger we came and the kids had a blast! Claire wanted to take a picture with the "Big Cheerleaders" and the of course obliged. These are some of the girls from the JV Squad that cheers at all the Lady Tiger games.
Hard to see, but Jesse was ready to work and did a great job.

Enjoying the fountains before going into the Tiger game.
Promises to post again very soon!