Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Claire's "Girl Day"

Well, Claire and Lily Grace had a very special day together today. Instead of the girls exchanging gifts, we decided to let them have an experience instead. Well, Build-a-Bear was agreed upon, so we took the girls today. They both had the best time, though Claire acted quite shy, I think she was a bit overwhelmed and not sure of the whole thing. Well, she picked a cat she named "Keri" (for her beloved cousin Keri, in Jackson) and Lily picked a reindeer she deeemed "Rascal". Here they are putting the hearts in their bears.
After their animals were assembled, they gave them a "bath" complete with brushes and blowing air they made by some foot pedals on the ground. Claire loved this!

Here's Claire putting her outfit on "Keri". She chose a soft pink robe....well, at least Claire's cat is comfortable!

I especially love this picture because the girls are just being themselves and not posing for us here. Sorry the clarity isn't great. I hope to share more pics after Barb sends me hers! She takes a much better picture than I!

Well, after the Build a Bear, Claire was treated to a carousel ride, which she loved! We then went for lunch and the girls couldn't have had more fun.....who couldn't when strawberry milkshakes are involved!! They also took in their new animals and pretended to feed them! Hope to have a few more pics of the day soon!


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