Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Animals of the Litcherman Nature Center

Well, my Aunt Hilda, who works at the Center, took all the grandkids to the center to have "backstage tour" to handle many of the animals. I have posted a few of the ones the kids got the pleasure of holding or petting. Thanks to Aunt Hilda! We all had a great time! Here's Jesse with a rescued box turtle. The turtle only has 3 legs, and was nursed back to health at the center.

Claire held all the animals as well, but was always swarmed by her cousins, so I don't have any of her in action.....but enjoy the pics though!
This was Jesse's favorite I believe. It's a blue tongued skink. Many who know me knows that we get visits during the spring and summer from a family of skinks! Jesse loved it!

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