Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Race Day......

Claire putting things in of her favorite new activities!
Tommy (Jesse & Claire's uncle) got the opportunity to drive a race car this weekend at Memphis Motorsports Park. Unfortunately, there was a mishap with our camera. (it involved crashing to the ground) So all the pictures we have are before he actually started to drive. We do have video of it though. I may try to post that soon!
Everyone waitng for Tommy & his driving friends Shannon & Brian, to finish with their class.
TC going over last minute rules I suppose....
Claire loved it & her earplugs didn't seem to bother her at all!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Play, play, play.....

Well, yesterday Claire was sick of watching Jesse get all his planes & army toys out of this big she just got in so she could be the center of all the action!!!
This morning it was a little too chilly for shorts, so we went to dress her, and could not find any of her pants to fit her from last spring. I think Claire is finally growing!!! At least taller for sure!.....So, I put her in one of her lightweight outfits from China. She really is into the phone right now & has complete babbling conversations with it. Very amusing to watch!!

More soon....
Love, Gretchen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello September!!

September has gotten off to a great start! Claire is growing by leaps & bounds. She is very amusing & just warms the hearts of everyone around her.
She loves rocking in this wooden rocker. She uses this stacking cup & pretends she is drinking. It is the cutest thing! I think I see a little meat on those legs finally!

Jesse on Tuesday September 11th before going into his 1st real musical. He loved The Lion King~
Mom & Jesse taking a picture before show time. What a great evening. Jesse got to sleep a little late the next morning & check into school a tad late......He got a kick out of mom walking him into the office!!

Hope to post again very soon!

Love, Gretchen

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Jesse & Claire's Grandma Crawford celebrated her Birthday last week & we joined her for a lovely brunch & live jazz. Great Grandma Hydrick was feeling well enough to join us also! We were so glad to have her there!
Jesse & Claire's other Grandma (Nana) will be celebrating her birthday soon as well!!!

Great Grandma & Claire sharing a laugh before cake!!
Claire playing in her room. She's still 16 pounds but gaining lots of inches. Will be walking all over the place any day!!!

Jesse's soccer team, The Hot Shots, before the 1st game! They came away with a victory! They are now 1-0 for the season!