Monday, February 17, 2014

Mini Vacay to St. Louis

 Well, Lance and Claire did the annual Father Daughter Dance at SFA and had a blast......word on the street is that Lance actually danced....oh to have been a fly on that wall!!
 We took the kids to Hidden Valley this weekend and let Claire try skiing for the first time..she did great and was a trooper!  We will definitely take her again!

 A fierce looking Jesse at the top of the slope......
 A not so fierce looking Jesse at the bottom....he's not quite sure if he loves skiing as much as his dad and sister!
 While in St. Louis we took them to the Science Center and was able to get Jesse in a Lego Robotics class.....he said he was in his "happy place".....somehow that does not surprise me!
 And of course we had to stop off in Lamberts so the kids could have hot rolls thrown at them....they loved it...despite a ridiculous 1 hour wait!! We had a great weekend with the 4 of us nonetheless!!!