Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Annual Pre Beach Trip To Montgomery!!!!!

 Well, it's become one of our favorite traditions to visit the Hixon Family before our trip to the beach every year so Claire can visit her China buddy Mary Grace.  As usual we were overwhelmed by their wonderful Southern Hospitality, and just had a blast.  We've come to think of them as part of our extended family.  The girls had a great time together and MG has grown leaps and bounds and they are growing up before our eyes......

We will return again next June!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back to reality!

 Well, our annual beach trip went wonderfully with mild temps and lazy days......

 Jesse's annual "Beach Chair Picture"....of course now he's ginormous.....
 last day on the beach fun...
 Claire could absolutely not get enough of the ocean......Lance or Tommy were nice enough to be in the ocean with her whenever she'd ask!
 She spent a lot of time in the air like this....
 or this.....
 and Jesse spent time making creations like this!
Many of  the cousins went to Waterville and had an absolute ball!!!

We have lots coming up soon, so I promise to post soon!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Old Birthday Girl.....

 I turned another year older this weekend and celebrated with my in laws Sunday with yummy pizza, cupcakes, and Smore Dip....YUM!  Surrounded by my family and in-laws made me feel extra special!!
 Gretch and sister in law Jenny getting our desert on!
 Sweet neice Gracie!
 My Claire and much larger than I Jesse!!!!
Thanks to all my family and friends for making me feel proud to turn one year older!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Franklin Trip!

 Well, on our way to pick up Jesse from Golf Camp, we decided to meet Claire's Murfreesboro cousins for a dinner and shopping at the new AG store in Cool Springs!  Claire was just in heaven, as this was her first visit ever to an American Girl store!  We had dinner and then Claire used her Birthday money to shop.  A blast was had by all!

 Claire and cousin Kate ready to explore AG!

 Choosing which puppy to buy for her doll Margaret.
 The next morning we headed to Golf House Tennessee to pick up Jesse from camp and got to watch him finish up playing a scramble tourney against all the other boys....Beautiful day in Franklin!

Jesse at the graduation ceremony.....sad for it to be over.....

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Little Fashionista....

 Well, Claire now goes with me to shop for her clothes...all the cute smocked and ruffle things are a thing of the past....She very much has an opinion and picked out this little"bohemian number" yesterday.  Well, I can't win all the least she accessorized with a cute necklace and headband!  Lots to post soon, as we are going the the American Girl Restaurant and Store in Franklin on our way to pick up Jesse from Golf Camp....should be lots of pics coming soon!!!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

June in Bloom!

 June has brought temps in the 80's...that means fun outdoors!  Jesse hanging out with Annie before heading to golf camp!
 Claire at Gracie's T-Ball game
 My hummingbird/butterfly garden starting to bloom!
 Gracie hamming it up in the dugout
A very dirty, but happy, George!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Bring on Summer!!!

 We the kids went swimming for the first time this summer at our friend's home on a beautiful 87 degree day!  We ate outside and the kids played and played!! We enjoyed the sounds of laughter, the sounds of splashing, and cicadas everywhere!!!
 Love this photo of Carson and the water coming out as I snapped the pic,,,,
 Ellie and Claire having a blast!
Jesse....being Jesse.