Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bartlett 2011 Champions!

 Well, Lance & Jesse's Team did great in the end of season tourney last week and made it to the finals Monday night.  They played a great game and won against the Dodgers.  Way to go Tigers.  We were really proud of Jesse.  He really stepped up and got a run himself, and brought in 3 RBI's.  He was really tickled at how many family members and friends came to see his last game of the season...what a great one!
 The team celebrating after the game...such a great group of young men!

 Jesse with cousin Patrick, who helped Lance as 3rd Base Coach for the game!
A relieved Lance and son!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More to do in June!

 Well, Lance had a great Father's Day that started off with church, spending time with his dad, and visiting my dad as well!  The kids picked out all his presents......great effort kids!
Cousin Gracie at Jesse's Baseball game this week...such a cute little ham!!
 Jesse waiting for his turn at the plate...
 Jesse brought our neighbor Brennen to the zoo today, and they loved feeding all the hungry birds!  That never gets old!!

Posing for a picture and cooling off at the same time!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Vacation Memories....

 Well, my dad took Jesse to Pensacola for a day trip to the Naval Air Museum.  For anyone that knows Jesse, he is crazy about planes.  He loved this trip with his Grandpa and had a great time, along with cousin Jack.  Jesse especially loved climbing in the cockpit of this fighter plane.

 More pictures.  My dad rarely comes to the beach with us, so it was great to get some pics of us all!

 All the guys on the trip.....
 It is a rare occurance when the 10 cousins all get together at the same time, so this picture was a fun one to take. Youngest to oldest, left to right......I hate that I'm to the far right!!!Currently 8 of the 10 cousins are living in the Memphis area...yay!!!
The gal picture....Most of us just stay in our coverups and bathing suits from morning to night...isn't that what vacation's all about?!!!

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos...lots more events coming up soon!  Love, Gretchen

Family Picture.....all of us!

My mother's side of the family goes on vacation together every year.....that means all my mom's siblings, all their children, and so on....Unfortunately, we've lost a few precious family members over the last few years.  But among those losses, several more blessings have been born! So enjoy the picture of my big, beautiful, and crazy family.  My poor sweet brother Tommy's head is obscured by mine, but you might still be able to pick him out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun in the sun !!

Well, we just returned from a wonderful vacation to Orange Beach for our annual trip with my entire family...and I mean all 40 something of us. We had a great time and met up with old friends and new ones too!!

I think some of the most fun Lance had on this trip was thowing the old football around with Jesse...and turned out to be a game of like 8 throwing it all around the beach.....great times were had and Lance was proud of his old arm.....

Claire was a non-stop playing and swimming machine on the beach. She slept sooo well!!

Jesse tossing ot around with all his cousins and dad.

Little ham!

My Grandmother came along for part of this trip and really enjoyed herself. Showing off her moves in the sand with Claire!

Claire loved swimming in the ocean with Aunt Cathie and Uncle Charlie. She started getting brave and standing on the boodie board by mid-week!

Jesse and Lance took a day trip to Fort Morgan and had a blast. Jesse explored the fort inside and out....taking a break on this cannon.

Well, more pics to follow. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!! Love, Gretchen