Monday, June 20, 2011

More Vacation Memories....

 Well, my dad took Jesse to Pensacola for a day trip to the Naval Air Museum.  For anyone that knows Jesse, he is crazy about planes.  He loved this trip with his Grandpa and had a great time, along with cousin Jack.  Jesse especially loved climbing in the cockpit of this fighter plane.

 More pictures.  My dad rarely comes to the beach with us, so it was great to get some pics of us all!

 All the guys on the trip.....
 It is a rare occurance when the 10 cousins all get together at the same time, so this picture was a fun one to take. Youngest to oldest, left to right......I hate that I'm to the far right!!!Currently 8 of the 10 cousins are living in the Memphis area...yay!!!
The gal picture....Most of us just stay in our coverups and bathing suits from morning to night...isn't that what vacation's all about?!!!

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos...lots more events coming up soon!  Love, Gretchen

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Carrie said...

These pictures are great! I'm glad your dad was able to go on the trip this year. I love the ones of Jesse in the plane--what a fun day for him! Give Claire and Jesse hugs and kisses from Fia!