Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesse and Happy Easter!

 Well, Jesse celebrated the big #11 on Good Friday this year down in Jackson, Ms, while visiting relatives for all the annual Easter Family Reunions.  He enjoyed cake and cupcakes, surrounded by his cousins, who he had been missing terribly.  So what a great Birthday it was!
 Mammaw & Pappaw gave Claire the Muppets DVD for Easter and also Real Steel for Jesse.
 At The Hollingsworth Family Reunion, there was so much for the kids to do...a giant slide, a little train pulled by a tractor, games, Egg Hun, and tons of sweets!!
 Claire loving the tire swing
 Jesse on the hunt for the money egg......
 and yes, he did find the money egg again this year....definitely related to Lance!
 Claire on one of many train rides!
 All of Mr. & Mrs. Hollingsworth's Grandchildren
 Ready for Easter Egg Hunt #2...this time at the Hare Family Reunion
Claire on a mission!

Enjoy the pics and promise to post again real soon!  Lots coming up!!!