Friday, June 30, 2017

Vacation Pics coming soon....but first this!

Well, Claire attended her Babysitting Training Class at Methodist Hospital for the day yesterday and had a blast! She learned CPR and First Aid, and all things babysitting!  She was all smiles when I picked her up!  I'm going to send her every summer for a while, but she is ready to start babysitting!

Claire cracks me up.  Our next door neighbors are out of town, so they asked Claire to take care of their watering and picking of blackberries and hydrangeas.  Claire has to put this apron on for some reason every time she goes over there....too funny.  Well, we returned from our big West Adventure on Sunday, and I am still getting all the pics together....I promise that is coming very soon!

Love, Gretchen

Friday, June 16, 2017

Not Sure I'm Ready For Another Golfer.....

 Mercy me today was Claire's official golf match ever!! It was a scramble and we so proud that they used most of her balls! Love that she can hit straight over and over! That girl had a blast...despite the heat! Way to go Claire!

Rockin 44!

Well, Claire had a little putt putt challenge yesterday against Wedgewood Golf Club, and she did well! She plays her first real match today at Galloway...will post soon!!

Well, I turned 44 and was lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends!!!!
Me with my nephew George and niece Gracie on my Bday...bittersweet, because they are moving to Nebraska!

 A lovely dinner at The Half Shell!  Yum!
Laura and her daughter Ellie joined us for dinner....I believe Claire was attempting to photobomb this one!

Thanks to everyone for the BIrthday wishes, call, and cards...I love you all!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

It's Fed Ex Tourney Time!

 So every year the 4 of us go to the Fed Ex St Jude Golf Tourney for a day.  Usually a Friday....and this year Lance was absolutely tickled that his golf hero David Duval was playing.  Lance loved David Duval back in the 90's and he still plays in tourneys today when he's not commentating on TV.  Well, we followed him for 9 holes and I guess he noticed us because when it was over and he signed his scorecard, he signed Claire's hat, and took his own hat off, signed it, and handed it to Lance.....St Jude pin and all.  Lance was speechless for the first time ever!
 Jesse's friend Annie seeking reprieve in the shade!
Claire having fun and being very easy to spot in her neon !

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Golf Golf Golf!!!

 Jesse placed third in the 16-18 Tour Division Tuesday at Glen Eagle.  His confidence really needed that medal....way to go Jesse!!
 Jesse was the caddy for this man, who flew in from Chicago to play in the pro am...He owns 40 ish pizza restaurants in the Chicago area...Jesse was well fed and well tipped!! He was a happy young man!
 Jesse was fortunate to be a caddy in the St June Tourney Pro Am yesterday! He had a wonderful day and is here with one of the tour players Russell Knox, ranked #36 in the world.  Jesse caddied for his group.
Claire attended the Jr Clinic at the St. Jude tourney led by a pro and had a great time as well!

Lance took this amazing shot last week while Jesse had a fog delay before a golf match at Wedgewood......