Monday, October 31, 2016

October Fun for Claire!

 Halloween Jeans Day for Claire!

 Well, Claire's sweet little SFA Cheer team competed this weekend at the UCA Regionals and won their division! They did so well and Claire was just great! I can't believe my quiet and shy girl gets up there and flips and cheers the way she does!
 Claire and the "big girls on the team....

 Jesse said he had never seen so many bows in one place in his life!! True that!

 Claire's Nana and PawPaw came to cheer her on!
 Ready to be called to perform....

Momma was not comfortable with the eyes or lips.  It was taken off before we were in the car.....not ready for that yet!!

Sacagawea Ready For Treats!

 Happy Halloween from Sacagawea and her baby to you!  Claire was rocking the Sacagawea look tonight...complete with baby in papoose!  She had a blast, but was quite hot since Memphis apparently is still having summer!!
 Sad day as well because Jesse is officially "too old" for trick-or-treating.  Breaks my heart...well, I pray I have a few more years left in Claire for Trick-or-Treating!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's Report Card Time.....

 Well, they start doing Honor Roll in 5th Grade, and Claire received First Honor Roll! We are so proud of her, as she tries and tries....loved seeing these smiles!
Claire had her last cheer practice before they have their big competition Saturday.  Their coach is a senior and moving to college to cheer...they will miss her!  Lots coming up soon, and promise to post again!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's Cheer Time.....Last Home Game!!

Yes that is Claire upside down....but she gets flipped up and ends up on top...she is just having a blast with cheer...who would have thought!?

They girls received roses at the last home game bu the football players, and she was all smiles!  It was a fin season, and they have a cheer competition in a few weeks....promise to post again soon!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Fall Fun!!!!

Well, one of Claire's favorite weeks at SFA is Spirit Week! She dressed up as Sacagawea for character day, complete with baby in papoose....she loved this, and will be Sacagawea for Halloween as well!

 Claire attended the SBA Dance camp this summer and learned a routine....they got to perform that routine last night at halftime at the SBA Football game...she was a tad rusty , since the camp was in June, but did well nonetheless!  She was all smiles out there!!!
 Jesse's official SBA Sophomore Varsity Golf picture...hard to believe 2 years of SBA Varsity golf are behind him!  How time flies......
Of course, Claire was more than excited when Wacky Day came around during Spirit Week this year.  She sported some craziness on this day!!  Love my wacky girl!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

More robotic pics.....

 So worried to see that score on the jumbo tron....
 Troubleshooting with his teammates!
 The team robot doing its best!

My very favorite picture! A very nervous bunch looking to see if they made it to the semi-finals...and boy did they!
We were so proud of Jesse and his robotics team.  They will advance to Auburn University on December 2nd and compete with the best in the entire South! Should be a blast!

Go SBA Robotics Go!

 Well, we spent the weekend at Mississippi State University for the Annual Robotics Competition there with 23 other teams.....Jesse's role this year has been mainly a spotter and designer of the power point presentation and the video, which is presented. The team started off slow with their robot, but found ways each round to make corrections and improvements! By the end of the competition, SBA finished so very strong and made it to Regionals at Auburn University in December!  They never thought that would even be a possibility.  They had a blast, and are proud of Jesse and the SBA Eaglebots!